Friday, 11 February 2011

Surprise, I still don't like walkingthrough

Sorry for not updating sooner, but I have been on my RedDeadRedemption account on YouTube a bit more and because Google tries to push it's shitty ideas for connecting accounts I'm apparently not able to log in to a YouTube channel and this Google owned blogging service at the same time because I haven't linked the different accounts together. Yeah, have to start using one single account for the entire Internet soon. Hell, have to use one account for everything IRL as well, with Google having a hand in basically everything technological, maps and phones and all. Isn't it scary that a company that wants to know every detail about you in order to be able to sell it for the highest bidder will soon have complete control over you?

So, a week or two ago I finally cleaned up my harddrive and got enough spare room for storing video files and thought that since my only excuse for not  recording Red Dead Redemption was lack of storage space for the footage I might as well start recording a walkthrough for my RedDeadRedemption YouTube channel. And I did, I recorded about 4 hours of gameplay one evening and have already uploaded some missions (most still set as private) to YouTube, but problems appeared only a minute after the first video had finished processing. A company called Sanoma NL filed a copyright claim for the first video. Sanoma NL is better known, on YouTube at least, as a channel called gamerNL that uploads game reviews and such for a website called, not surprisingly,
Now, I know that it's just YouTube's automatic content ID detection program creating the claims, well, automatically, and whoever's behind gamerNL hasn't re-claimed any of my videos after disputed the claims the first time, but this has reminded me of the problem I quit uploading walkthroughs for originally and why starting a possible two month project of recording footage of a long ass game may be a futile endeavour. Even though gamerNL hasn't claimed ownership of more of the RDR2 videos, another company, a lot bigger than Sanoma NL, has. Because content in videos can be claimed by several companies even at the same time, this could lead me to disputing claims on individual videos several times, and disputing claims certainly isn't a lot of fun when I honestly can't say I have any real right to upload the walkthroughs in the first place. I know the companies that claim ownership of my videos don't actually own the content either, but that's not really what YouTube/Google people care about, their question is do I own rights to the content.

I could go on all night about how uploading walkthroughs is a waste of time for me and how I get nothing out of it anymore, but seeing how I have written posts about that subject before I might as well cut to the end: I don't know if I should even bother trying to upload Redemption. It's better to make the decision of giving up now when I have only spent a few days working on the videos than to realize that it was a fruitless effort a month later when I have 67 videos up and all riddled with advertisements that profit various big gaming websites. I already have enough walkthroughs on my external harddrive that I've been forced to delete from the web for one reason or another.
Oh, and on that very same note, the entire MGS4, LBP and Star Wars Battlefront walkthroughs, the two Pong videos and some GTA IV online videos are now gone from my account.

While I'm pondering about the future of my Redemption walkthrough I'm going to spend my time doing what I do best, which is nothing. While doing nothing I will built up guilt for being a lazy bastard and then suddenly feel obliged to do something again. For some odd reason YouTube has taken away video time limits from my JohnnyDFox channel to tempt me with the chance of uploading long videos, and I still have that microphone sitting in the closet that I bought last month that I haven't used that I should at least test out, and I would also like to voice my thoughts on Rogue Ops as soon as I can muster enough strength to finish the piece of shit. I just don't know how I could mix all these things together to maybe produce something interesting...
Or I could just do a Let's Play of No One Lives Forever on PC, I dunno. I'll think about moving my ass from the chair once I've done enough nothing.


  1. Been a fan for a long ass time, and I say a let's play would be amazing! I also completely forgot you had that RDR channel.

  2. I think it may be time to find a new website to host the videos on, I have a few ideas but I'm sure you do as well. It is clear to me that YouTube isn't treating you right and even though I'm a partner, I'd like to say, fuck them for that, your videos get plenty of views to be profitable and yet they like to flag them like crazy.

    I like your LP's but there is no reason to be uploading them if it makes you miserable so, until you can find a way to do this relatively hassle free, I say don't do it.

    I like doing nothing too...