Monday, 31 January 2011

Rogue Ops sucks, Champions Online is cool,
my new chair sucks, Minecraft is still cool

Not a lot to talk about. I started playing Rogue Ops and it's taking me quite a bit of time and energy solely because it's so goddamn boring. Seriously, I've only finished the first two levels and they've actually been relatively short and easy, but I feel like throwing the game out. There have been so many things wrong with it so far I could really write an angry post about it already, but I think it's better to see the entire game through and then be even more pissed off.
When I uploaded those PS2 demo videos way back when and just rushed through the Rogue Ops demo because it quite honestly sucked ass I was still willing to give it the benefit of doubt, especially after people sent me messages about how big of an idiot I am and how much I suck for not playing the demo properly and realizing that the game is actually quite fun, more fun than what the demo would make you think, but the demo is in fact an honest representation of the actual finished product. The demo's a little better, though, because it's shorter and came free on a disc with other, better demos.

Like most of the girls I've dated in my time,
my Minecraft world also looks better in the dark
I've been building a city in Minecraft a while now. My intention is to create a shop for every possible resource and item, and then build a home for every "store owner", then build a harbor and a castle. It's going a bit faster now that I chose to turn the difficulty to peaceful and don't have to hide half of the time or rebuild stuff Creepers break, but it could still be faster if I could get a mod that allows me to spawn items to work. It's supposed to enable chat in single player, but doesn't for me.
It may look like crap, but... try it!

I also tried out Champions Online for a bit after seeing it on LordKaT's stream and finding out it's free and fun. If you're interested in a fun superhero MMORPG that's free to play and has the most amazing and easy to use character creation I have ever seen in any game, try out Champions Online. I've created myself, Garret from Thief and Snake Plissken from Escape From New York so far.
Only reasons I'm not constantly playing Champions Online is that my graphics card sucks and really have to play on the lowest graphical settings, and simply because it's an MMO. MMO's need to allow the player to access all sorts of shit at all times so there's tons of different crap I can't be arsed to shift through, I don't know anyone else who plays it and all those damn items and powers and their stats are confuddling to me. What the hell do I do with Ego? Is high Constitution good? Where the fuck do I buy better items?
But, I do recommend you to check the game out yourself if MMO's are closer to your heart than mine. i just like the character creation. I wish all games that allow customised characters had character creation like Champions.

I'm also very annoyed. I broke my old chair's legs with my weight yesterday and of course needed a new chair. So my mother bought me a new cool looking black chair, but it sucks for sitting. It's... shit. It's already optimized for "office work" by the looks of it, there's no way to adjust the position and it really hurts. I have been sitting on it for four hours now and already have pains. I can't lean back even a little bit or I end up pushing my ass off of it, it's really uncomfortable. I don't feel like complaining about it to my mother and make her buy me a new one, though, so I think I'll just stop sitting infront of a computer entirely and find a life.
Who was the idiot who thought that people must sit in 85 degree angles and constantly lean towards their desk? Find him for me, and kill him. By making him sit in his own chair.
Oh, agony.

That's it for now.

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