Monday, 20 September 2010

I got laid

in a video game.

Since Derek the bastard asked so nicely, I played the original Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards through this evening. Since I have 204 free/abandonware games listed that I'm going to try out, not all of them from Abandonia and most of them not necessarily any good or old enough to be classics, I was saving the LSL games for later to water down the bad taste of broken platformers and unfunny puzzle games. Now I have to resist the urge to play through the entire series right away, which will probably be difficult.
Anyway, LSLitLotLL is indeed every bit as much fun and entertaining as you'd guess if you have ever heard of the original adventure games. If you haven't heard of the series, wait till your balls grow hair and then go play them.
It's early Sierra so you know the game can get tricky at times and I'd even dare to even say this first LSL has a couple of bullshit little things in it to lenghten the gameplay, but LSL is most definitely far more fun and funny than the other major Sierra classic adventure series, so when you die by flushing the toilet after taking a shit or by forgetting to pay for that sleaze mag, you just laugh the first few times. Even getting stuck in the game doesn't feel as painful as in some other adventure games. I don't think even the ever-so-amusing Space Quest series can be as entertaining as LSL, but then again I'm a huge fan of comedy made from down-to-earth, everyday life things.
This same thing happens to me too everytime
I go buy prophylactics. Which is rarely.
Yeah, not much I should need to say about Leisure Suit Larry. If you have any sense of humour, you go play LSL. If you don't have any sense of humour, you better play LSL and grow some.

Right now, I'm playing Minecraft. I would write an indepth description about it, but I haven't played too much of it yet myself and I'm in a hurry to go do so now, so go look for videos of it on Youtube or wait until my next update where I'll probably praise the game to heavens.
By the way, Minecraft ISN'T one of the 204 freeware/abandonware games on my list. Normally you need to pay for it, but today when I checked it was downloadable for free, and to my understanding it's free to play only for a limited amount of time, until the creator or whoever sorts some online shit out. Or something.


  1. LMAO!!
    Glad you obeyed my wise words of wisdom!!
    Now get your arse off Minecraft (which by the way is purely awesome) and play the rest of the LSL games, especially LSL5 which is probably the BEST.

    - Derek

  2. I can't, I'm too addicted to Minecraft! It's the only game I would even consider paying a monthly fee for.