Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Expendables

Tonight was the first time I went to see a movie in a theater in about 14 years. I saw the Expendables.
The tickets were completely free. The Expendables was fucking awesome. I had a good night.

After 7 days of straight mining in one single world while listening through all the old recordings of Spoony's D&D campaign as well as some of LordKaT's on lordKaT's Ustream page, I am now burned out on Minecraft. The world I created, in Survival mode no less, is so awesomely beautiful that I must someday get back to it, perhaps record a video tour of it and upload it for others to see.

I played some more Abandonia games after Minecraft, and this is all I can say:
Theme Park is still as excellent as it always has been. I just wish someone would tell me how I restock on icecream and how I save and quit the game. After hours of playing I still can't do either. Also, could someone tell me how to pause the game without having it crash.
Batman - The Caped Crusader adventure game pissed me off quite a lot very fast. Annoying music, lousy hit detection when punching and kicking, absolutely insane timed energy drainage, confusing map layout and I don't think the items work.
The Guild of Thieves text adventure... have to pretty much be played without the nice graphics because the image takes way too much space over the text even though there would be plenty of room if that 20% of unused screen area was put to use. I was also completely lost, and some commands that should've worked only worked some of the time. Like something as simple as jumping on to the jetty at the beginning of the game failed one out of three times even though I used the same exact wording every time.
Hero Quest is fun, although playing it alone is sad and gets boring after a few quests.


  1. Try the old Indiana Jones games, there pretty awesome. I'm still puzzled with what you do in Minecraft. I dug shit loads down and hit the lava and died. I drowned myself. And I killed a few sheep and cows. I see people using all these rollercoasters and getting torches to light up their underground lairs but dunno how the hell you do it. Any help would be much appreciated.

    - Derek

  2. You create all the stuff from the different resources you collect. Like make sticks out of wood and combine them with coal to make torches, or use iron bars with planks to create tracks, or iron and sticks to make tools for faster digging and so on. I could go on and on about it, but there's too much to explain in one comment.
    The entire point of Minecraft is that you build EVERYTHING yourself out of resources you gather.

  3. The guild of thieves is something that was lacking from the latest Hollywood movies. Too many chick flicks these days. I saw the expendables and i recommand it!