Monday, 2 August 2010

Tried Heist, played Disciples: Sacred Lands

Tried installing Heist, the other PC game I bought from a fleamarket last Tuesday. Installed alright, played the intro and showed me the starting screen. Couldn't play it, though, as the buttons onscreen don't work.
So, I decided to look for probable causes of this problem and maybe download a patch. No patches, which is a bad sign, hardly any reviews witch isn't good either, and the reviews were rather negative. Now I would like to get it to work just to see how bad it really is.

Got Disciples: Sacred Lands working, though. Fun game, a lot of fun, it's sort of a role-playing turn-based strategy game and I haven't gotten to play those kind of games too much before.
Disciples supposedly borrows a lot from other games of it's ilk, like that one Might and Magic role-playing strategy game series, but according to some reviews Disciples does what it borrows, better. Having played the game a bit myself, I would have to believe the reviewers words despite not having experienced the other games yet.
Once I figured out what everything is and does, I got so hooked on it that I played until 4 AM and completely forgot about Spoony's D&D campaign being live. I just watched his Mazes and Monsters review so my plans for the rest of the day are, fittingly, watching the D&D session recording from LordKat's ustream archives and then some more Disciples.
EDIT: I'm assuming Spoony's campaign wasn't even played for some reason, but there is another LordKat campaign recording, so I'll watch that.

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