Monday, 9 August 2010

More games! Give me MORE!

Bought four new games today.

I went downtown yesterday in this horrible excruciating heat only to find that almost every place that I know are open on Sundays were closed early, probably due to water spilling indoors or something since we've had some pretty terrifying storms lately, and the meteoritelogisticsmen on TV and radio are promising us plenty more. It's the Armageddon!
I'm not against stores being closed on Sundays, I think it's just fine to have one day a week be a day of rest, but I was feeling pretty angry after finding out that I spent a total of 5 euros only to shed a load of sweat and tears when I had confirmed that the stores I was going to check out would be open. It was going to be the only good thing in this otherwise shitty weekend. A thunderstorm almost ruined my last joy later yesterday evening, as I decided to use my Dazzle for something good and record Lewis, a British detective series, for my mother who was working late. Managed to get all of the show, though, and my mother was positively surprised. She didn't even know I could record TV shows.

So, I wen't out again today and, as usual, spent my last few euros on video games. How ever do I manage to continue spending my "last few euros" at least twice a month when for the past 8 months I've been crying about having no money to spare anymore, I'll never know.
Anyway, since Disciples was such a surprisinly great game, I bought Heroes IV of Might and Magic for PC as it's the closest thing to Disciples, after Disciples II, of course. Yes, yes, I know, Heroes came first and Disciples copied it, blah blah, you suck.
I also bought Death to Spies for PC, which has sort of been haunting me since last year. I've always seen it when I've gone to buy some games and despite being well aware that it somewhat resembles the Hitman series, perhaps my favourite gaming series ever despite the horrible second entry, I've never actually picked it up for some odd reason. It's always been the same price and I've paid a lot more for a lot crappier games over the year, so I can't tell you what the hell has been wrong with me all this time.
I also bought Darkstar One for PC, a space flight/haul/smuggling/something game that reminds me of Spoony's favourite series Wing Commander. Probably sucks immensely even if I get it running, but hey, it was only 2,90€!
And, lastly I bought UFO: Aftershock, for PC as usual. Series so similar to X-Com you'd think someone's hide would get dragged to court, in UFO you maintain a base and battle aliens invading our beloved Earth in turn-based combat zones, gather their shit and resources and build up your base further and gear up your group of alien-extermination-experts even better. I'm excited to see if I get it to run.

I was thinking of buying Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard, but I didn't see it on the shelves and it really doesn't matter that much. I can find comfort in my other "new" games. As always, all the aforementioned purchases were bought used, and only cost me a total of 19,60€. Had I always bought my games used or with discounts, I'd easily have three times as many games as I do now. I have about 245, give or take a few.


  1. Death to Spies is the hardest games I played. But still it's good ^^

  2. Damn straight it's hard. Why they even bothered to add Hard and Expert modes, I'll never know.