Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Pry into the maid's shower? You bet!

Just a quick update before I tell you how I beat the next mission in Contracts:
Like I said in the earlier post, I started wondering if Hitman 2: Silent Assassin would actually be a lot more fun if I played on Normal and tried out different techniques from what I used in the video walkthrough. Well, I played it again and found out that it's just as annoying on Normal as it was on Professional. So my feelings have officially not changed at all, that game is still the worst of this series.

I will yet again mostly be describing one successful run that I, in my melting pot mind, combine with some parts from the failed tries in order to offer you as complete playthrough as possible without much repetition.

Chapter 4: Beldingford Manor
This chapter's beginning cutscene shows that the knocking on the door was real, and some old fat doctor-looking guy comes in to check up on the unconscious 47. The man then lifts 47 up and carries him to the table and places him there as he seems to begin to operate on 47. He takes a gulp of something before pouring the liquid over 47's wound, and the splashing noise sends 47's mind back in time to yet another assasination that took place one cold and stormy night on the English country side.

The mission objectives are to free a man who has been kidnapped and is being held somewhere in the premises, kill the old Lord Beldingford who is holding a hunting party tomorrow, kill the drunkard son Alistair and lastly make an exit.
I find myself in some old ruins on the edge of the yard with two guards chatting nearby. The level seems rather complicated so I make it my first objective to investigate the nearest "!" on my map, located inside a hedge maze. When the two guards stop talking and split up, I sneakily follow the one heading to my left and then part with him around these random bushes that provide cover for me while I make my way towards the maze. I spot a guard standing nearby that could turn around any minute but bravely go open the door on the side of the maze anyway and use the map to navigate to the "!" mark in the corner. It's a trap door to an underground tunnel!
At the end of the tunnel I come by a door, and to be safe I look through the keyhole. Looking at the dynamic map would be far more useful, but where's the suspense in that? I see a guard on the other side, on his patrol, heading who knows where. I sneak in when he's out of sight and soon find my self in the wine cellar. Bingo! I know the guard will return, though, so I wait behind the door with my fiber wire ready and as soon as he steps in I pounce on him, kill him and take his clothes. For a joke I drag him back to the underground corridor and place him inside this empty casket I found. I thought it was funny.

I head upstairs and my God, how many fucking doors does this little manor have?!
The game sort of gives me a hint about something with it constantly pointing out to me that Alistair is either about to order a drink or has ordered a drink. With habits like that I don't think I'm even needed here, but let's help the odds shall we. I start looking for poison, because every house has some available at one room or another, and I surely do find a lone bottle in one of the bedrooms of the servants quarters.
Due to my habit of looking through key holes I also happen to sneak a peek at a maid in the shower. Being the gentleman I am I of course don't just stand there for a full minute with a hand in my pants, I naturally wait until I have downloaded a nude patch before doing that. Don't you dare to judge me, I happen to know the old perv Beldingford likes these sort of peepshows also, although unfortunately that side of things isn't going to be explored further during this playthrough. Maybe I'll do a Fukkaround some day. Which also reminds me, maybe I should start calling these written playthroughs Fukkabouts. I storm brain.

Anyway, stop dreaming about the maid's wet breasts, soapy thighs and how she keeps slowly sliding her hands up and down caressing those long legs completely unaware that someone is watching, and let's focus on more important things like poisoning the old pervy's bastard sponge-- err, son.
We got the poison, we can find the whiskey caske if we look hard enough and Alistair's system seems to depend entirely on alcohol. So, I find a suspicious little door leading me to a spiral staircase, and by going down I eventually end up on the other side of the wine cellar that is blocked from the section where I originally strangled the guard. Here I sweeten my dear Alistair's favourite brand with the ominous green stuff from the little bottle I picked up. I would just go back to the room where Alistair is and witness him gulp down my special brew, but if I had done that I could tell you that it's sort of a boring sight and the screenshots would be not only dark but pointless looking, so I just climb up the stairs to the second floor.
The spiral staircase leads behind a secret door to a guest room where some naked man is snoozing. I'd take his clothes from the floor, but I have this weird unexplainable feeling that the guards would have an easier time recognizing me as an intruder in that get up than if I just held on to my woolly shirt and cap. Besides, the guest's clothes look ridiculous.
I come out of the bedroom, and I can't say I know much about what the rich English folk are like, but nobody seems to care that I not only sneak out of the male guest's bedroom in the middle of the night while he's as naked as they get in this game, but then also head to the bathroom to wait for the old man of the house to come in to relieve himself for the hundreth time this night. Well, when you're rich you can pay servants to do anything, it reads so in the contract. At least it will when I get rich.

Late one night I took him roughly from behind in the bathroom
So, anyway, I wait in the shower of the bathroom until my second target comes in. He's old, and when you grow old everything goes wrinkly and shrinks and stops working entirely, most notably the bladder. For this man it's like a raisin now. I also suspect Alistair's bladder comes from his mother's side because it's inhuman.
As soon as old man Beldingford comes in, I sneak up on him from behind and strangle him. I drag him to the shower to make sure the guards outside won't see him when I leave. I also note that the old man carried a fucking shotgun around everywhere he went, both bed and toilet. I wonder what sort of stories the wife would have to tell...

With both targets killed I head downstairs to the main hall. I'm in a disguise but I refuse to use the obvious front door because I have this miraculous gut feeling that if I tried walking out there, the two guards just outside would somehow be alerted and everyone would start shooting me. I don't know exactly how I know all that, maybe I'm just that smart. Or just full of bullshit.
Instead I avoid the patrolling guards and the happy butler walking about and go pick the lock on this back door that hardly anyone seems to be watching. I head to the left across the park and make sure to go far around the dogs, and when the coast is clear I cross the tennis court. I make sure to avoid this nut with a sniper rifle going around on the loft of the stables, because I'm psychic and just know he'd start shooting at me on sight inspite of the disguise, without sounding an alarm oddly enough.

With adult movies this bad I too would rather stare at the wall.
... Wait, no I wouldn't. Pop 'em out, woman!
I follow this one lone patrolling guard around the stables and find open doors that just invite me in. There's actually open doors on every side but nevermind that. I check around and find some guy locked up with the horses, but for some bizarre twist of fate I can't pick the lock that couldn't possibly be that complex and instead I have to go get a key. I suspect the stable boy may have one but I am not going to kill the poor kid to easily finish this last objective, but I will come back to off him for fun some day. Nope, I head back outside the stables where I find unsecured electronics just waiting to be tampered with, and I also happened to look through the keyhole of one of the doors inside and see some guards watching porn. Well, the actress has a shirt on but the sounds suggest porn. It's a crap film that gets 0 stars from me, and I'd suggest going back inside the manor to peep out the showering maid instead if you're THAT lonely. I'm not.

The guards don't much like the show ending so abruptly for some odd reason and march out in a line, leaving the guard room empty. I find the key on the wall and go rescue young Northcott. He reveals that the men were actually going to hunt him the next day, a popular hobby in the deep English country side, but seeing how the old man and his son are dead and the hunt is cancelled I might as well let Northcott go. I also had a joke about foxes and their animal rights related to this hunt I could write here, but let's skip it.
After the boy is free, I just casually stroll back to my rubber boat near the ruins I started in. I also scared the horses with running, but nobody noticed.

17 minutes, Silent Assassin, double magnums.
Yet another brilliant mission. I was at first a bit scared of this level, because I've read before that this is a dodgy one with the guards and the suspicion. Sure it is a bit strict at certain locations, but I found nothing wrong with that and generally this mission is a blast. I had great fun.


  1. You got Silent Assassin on your first try?! It took me about 20 tries to get it. Man, I suck at this game.

  2. It probably wasn't the first try to be honest. The way I wrote the blog post would suggest that I died or at least almost failed the mission at least three times.

  3. how did you put the man into the empty casket?? My favourite level of all the series.