Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I've finally done it!

I finally squeezed the backlog out! Took me several hours, but I did it. Skipped some formatting bits, but still did it. Haven't added all the LPs yet, but still basically did it, in a sense.
I tell you I never want to do that work again. Back when I had JohnnyDFox.com and my Warriors fansite and I kept recoding pages almost once a month because I lacked real content I had enough finger-bics to last me a life, and if Google ever shuts down my blog here, then... I will probably redo all this work somewhere else after a few unheard of words and actions have scared the neighbours again. Heck, JohnnyDFox.com had the videos listed individually, not in playlists like here. I'm getting lazy with old age. Old age of 21 years.
Why didn't any of you ever tell me to stop making videos? There's too many of them and it's all your fault.

I haven't logged into that sad, pathetic LP channel of mine in a loooooong while so it'll be interesting to see what, if anything at all, have been posted in the comments by my adoring haters.

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