Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just finished reading the "new" comments on my videos at LetJohnnyPlay. Majority of the comments were, for some bizarre reason, positive. Some were so positive that they made me want to actually watch some of those videos, and you know what, I really suck. I agree with most of the few haters there, but let it be known that in no circumstance do I agree with those who even after reading my warnings in the video titles and descriptions still watched the entire Fahrenheit LP and made that fact publicly known when they commented on how bad the LP is.
When you watch a video titled "Don't watch this!" from  a series of videos where some Indian (they said that!) mumbles about shits, piss and fail juice non-stop, you're not exactly being smart. I'm actually smarter than you, because I have never watched my LP videos and I never intend to after hearing even a bit of the commentary in them. You know how I edited the videos back when I made them? I cut the raw footage into aproximately 10 minute chunks and listened to only a bit of the end so I could make sure I didn't cut right in the middle of a sentence.

Only problem now is that I don't want to record commentary for my new videos anymore. I haven't learned to speak English any better since the last time I tried it.

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