Friday, 8 January 2010

Completed 1/3 of the games

I just beat Bionic Commando for PS3 today, and I have to say, it's not that bad. I like it. It's not very serious or epic or story based or lenghty, but it's fun. It's worth the 20€ I paid for it, whereas a game like Assassin's Creed wasn't worth the 0€ I paid.

The problem of the game is that majority of the gamers these days won't get it. It's a challenging, arcadey, linear platformer with shooting action. The story's not weak, but it's also not heavy in the least. Easy to digest by ANY person, if you can understand that it's supposed to be slightly over the top and at times make you smile a little. The game's worthy of it's title if you ask me.

The only things I can really call flaws in the game are the length of the story mode, the occasional somewhat cheaty level design and the difficulty of beating it 100%, but then again the difficulty of the extra stuff is probably there on purpose, to make up for the otherwise short experience.
On their own the levels can be done in a few minutes, but finding the collectibles and beating all the challenges, the stuff you get nearly all trophies for, force you to play perhaps even three-four times as long. You see, once you finish an area, anything you missed you really MISSED. The game doesn't let you go back, there's no New Game + after the credits and although you CAN replay levels, you can't save anything you may have unlocked. So, if you want 100%, you MUST do everything in one run and everything must be done at the right time with very little screw ups.
I missed 4 challenges in my first run, so in order to get Platinum I have to redo every single challenge and collect every single collectible again on top of beating the game on Commando difficulty where apparently one hit kills you often (so I won't try Commando very soon). It will be easier to finish the challenges the next time now that I know where to do what, and the game does have the right to be challenging, but still, I'm slightly annoyed.

Anyway, I thought that since I have Bionic Commando fresh in my memory now and I know where the collectibles are, I'd push the Uncharted 2 walkthrough back and do a 150 collectible Bionic Commando walkthrough, and most likely the old NES Bionic Commando afterwards.
So wait for those to appear after Conker's done, and in the meantime I'll try out Borderlands.

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