Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Got 3 new games

I went out to buy new games today since the stores have the January sales going on and I want me some cheap games.

I was planning to buy 5 games and I had calculated the money I need since I check prices closely, but at the store I noticed the games actually cost more than I had thought. I guess the special offer prices I checked are for online shoppers or something, and I always walk to the store myself and don't say a word if I think I'm getting screwed.
Anyway, since I would've had to pay 20 euros more than I planned (and I was already crying before because the amount I was planning to spend was so atrocious), I left two games there: Leisure Suit Larry: BOB and Damnation for PS3. Not great games, I know, I was only going to buy them because of the unnatural drop in prices that I was looking forward to.
I feel a bit sad now, because this morning I was already smiling and whistling (while also doing the crying, I multitask) because I was so happy about getting 5 cheap games and instead I only got 3 not-so-cheap. Well, saved some money and learned another crushing lesson about life. It's still shit.
Must admit, though, it's so damn cold out there (and also in here thanks to that fookin' hole in the wall) and the girl working at the store was so darn pretty that I really can't be too angry. You know what, I'm all better now! The store is still the best (read: cheapest) damn store in the city, believe me when I say I've checked. And I have 3 new games, what's so horrible about life? I mean, besides the horrible bits.
Screw those bits!

The three games I bought were Bionic Commando, Borderlands and Prince of Persia all for the PS3. So, yeah, you wont see me for a while. Sure, Conker walkthrough continues steady since I have only 2 videos left to render and I even have 8 videos uploaded private already, so you won't notice my disappearance until after two weeks when the walkthrough is finished and you don't see Uncharted 2 appearing on my channel.

By the way, if you go out in Finland anytime this winter, put some clothes on. It's so cold out there. I would almost compare it to the winter when my hands froze so badly that large gaping wounds appeared and blood came out (and subsequently froze and stopped the bleeding). Yes, yes, I am stupid, I don't wear gloves. My fingers will fall off someday and it will be all my own fault. Then my mother will have to make you your goddamn walkthroughs.

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