Saturday, 2 January 2010

PlayStation 2

A lot of people on YouTube have not realized that these videos are all demos, not full versions. I've received some complaints stating that I shouldn't hate the game just because I apparently suck at it, but the thing is, I have most likely never before played these particular demos and the controls in demos tend to suck ass. You can't expect me to play perfectly, I'm just demoing these demos as much as they are just demos of video games, get it?
I also don't hate the full games as in many cases I haven't even played the real version. The YouTube video descriptions are just something I pulled out of my ass real quick so I could get the uploading done.

DEMO Plays 1

Many people never got my joke about not doing a Jak II walkthrough that I added in the Jak 2 demo video description on YouTube. Hello, I had already done TWO Jak II walkthroughs when I wrote that.

Demo Plays 2

Demo Plays 3

This disc came with UK's Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, Special Edition 17.

Demo Plays 4

This disc came with UK's Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. Demo disc 43.

Demo Plays 5

More demos, this time from the disc that came in the mail after I registered my PS2. Yes, I have registered all my PlayStations. Have you?

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