Saturday, 2 January 2010

If you are an action game connoisseur then Crisis Beat is the game for you.
Set on board a futuristic ocean liner, you have to take on the fanatical members of the most ferocious sea-jacking gang of terrorists in the history of piracy.

Recorded with Dazzle
Perhaps a bit lacking walkthrough, for perhaps a bit lacking game. Fun beat em up game, but no master piece.
The walkthrough has me playing through the story with all 4 characters, and I think you might see some improvement in the gameplay from character to character, as I slowly but also not necessarily surely learn the ropes. Perhaps if the game had offered 60 characters I could've mastered it with some of them one day.
Played on Hard difficulty, by the way. I hope that saves some of my face.

The first video in the playlist is a demo that starts playing if you leave the game title screen idle after beating the game once.

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