Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dick Tracy
Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)
Dick Tracy, the legendary American comic-strip hero, is back-- and he's tougher than ever! A call just came in... "Tracy, the streets are in turmoil! Big Boy Caprice has every last one of his slimeballs armed to the teeth! Eyewitness reports have "Lips" Manlis, "Flattop," and "The Brow" roaming the cty, with armies of thugs in tow... " It's up to you! Take your pistol and machine gun, and hit the pavement! You've got a city to save!

Emulated with Kega Fusion
Recorded with Fraps
The third and second to last levels of the game are insanely difficult me thinks. Never would've beaten them without the help of the almighty save states!
Needless to say, recording this was the first time I beat the entire game.

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