Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday, Monday

Today I yet again woke up early for no apparent reason. I'm not complaining, but how does this happen? For the past years I've had trouble waking up before the afternoon, mostly because I stay up late (or rather early) and now suddenly I begin waking up early in the morning. Weird.

I took part in a competition today.
If you didn't know, I am a fan of Donal Duck. I'm a subscriber and have the comic issues since 1987 and one full year earlier than that, I think '84 or '85 that was bought for me from a flea market. I am also a subscriber of the monthly extra as well as the extra-extra. I also have several dozen of the books, including the first boks ever released in Finland, and I have several Uncle-Scrooge's own comics from the time I was a subscriber.
Well, in the last issue of November I got a Donald Duck Advent calendar. I thought it was nice and put it somewhere to wait for December, but I forgot about it until today when I saw it in the kitchen. I began opening it and noticed there were Donald Duck trivia questions inside, and looked at the back of the calendar to find out where I can find the right answers to the very few questions I couldn't be sure of even with my knowledge. That was when I noticed for the first time that there's actually a competition related to the questions.
Every day when you find out the new question, you can go answer it at the Finnish Donald Duck website during that specific day, and every correct answer will earn you one ticket in the big balloting held after Christmas (did I use the right word?). I'm 13 days behind other, more vigilant Donald fans, but I'm sure I win with the last 11. Or perhaps 10, because I just realized that I may have used the wrong sign in name when I answered the question. They do have my phone number, e-mail, address and real name though, so maybe it doesn't matter. Have to be more careful tomorrow.

I also tried playing Fallout 2 today, try being the key word here. The little bugger complained about no cd even though I have the CD, I just installled it from the CD only seconds before. I downloaded the US 1.02 patch that apparently fixes several criticial issues with the game, and I got it working for a short while. Then it crashed and suddenly started complaining about no CD again. I uninstalled, reinstalled and downloaded the UK patch, and it didn't work. I uninstalled again and again reinstalled and again downloaded the US patch and reinstalled it the same way as before, and it STILL complained about no CD.
That story short, I got annoyed by the very game I was so very eager to play, before I even got to really play it.
Say what you will about bugs in Fallout 3, but at least you could play it safely and also finish it with ease even without any patches. I read somewhere that an unpatched Fallout 2 could even fuck up your system and thus it should never be played unpatched. Whether that's just a crazy rumour or some serious lack of coding talent from the guys at BlackIsle, I don't know, but Fallout 2 is now standing in the corner facing the wall while the other kids get to hear a story.

As you can see, I've posted two more old walkthroughs and hopefully I'll continue doing something today. Oddly enough I don't feel like playing anything in particular, so maybe I should, you know, start working on Fukkaround scripts and game collection videos again. Or record a walkthrough, those are always popular.

By the way, I only remembered it a few days ago, but I was planning to record Daze Before Christmas in November and upload one level a day every day in December, all the way until Christmas Eve. Please remind me about it before next Christmas. Also remind me about finishing The Suffering for the next Halloween.

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