Monday, 14 December 2009

7 Blades
PlayStation 2
The tale of 7 Blades begins in 18th century Japan, on the island of Dejima. The island has been designated a trading post for western travellers by the government. But religious fanatics have their own ideas. Many samurais have been sent to investigate but have never returned... ... What was their fate? ...Can you uncover the mysterious secrets of Dejima island?

Recorded with Dazzle
One of my favourite walkthroughs ever, mostly because of the feeling of achievement I got when I was done.
When I started recording this game, I had NO plan of recording a full walkthrough for both characters, all I wanted to do was to record some gameplay footage from an obscure title, but somehow I kept going and going and beat every area that I had previously been stuck on.
The final boss battle of Oyuri's story is a fight that once in the past gave me grey hair and was the primary reason why I didn't want to try recording a complete run. I thought it would be embarrassing to record otherwise full walkthroughs of games but not beat the final boss. After 2 hours of getting my ass kicked by the Golden King I was nearly crying and decided, and I honestly meant it, that I would try only ONE more time and then give up. Well, that one last try was the first, and as far as I am concerned, the last time I ever beat the Golden King.
This walkthrough symbolizes a great victory. I think the videos are underrated, because the game is actually very fun to WATCH and the few hundred views a year don't do the story justice. I've recorded worse walkthroughs that do better for some odd reason.

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