Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wanted Dead or... well, dead'll do

A new walkthrough is in the making. Yes, I apparently can't stick to one game at a time anymore... regardless, I started recording a new walkthrough nobody will like except my people. My people are the crazy fanatics who like one obscure game in particular and praise me for making a walkthrough for that one game nobody else really likes.

The new game is Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive! It's a point-and-click western PC strategy game where you can control up to 6 characters around old west-like maps, trying to free your partners from captivity, claim bounties on bad people's heads and generally survive the rough life of a bounty hunter.

The game wasn't a mainstream hit, probably due to being a WESTERN themed strategy game with only 6 characters, not much of a plot, crappy sprites, horrible voice acting (even I could do a better job and probably will some day if I decide to LPee it) and very confusing but also repetitive maps.

But I like the game, have liked it since the day I played the demo that came in a cereal box. I just recently got the full game and have played 8 out of 25 levels and decided that this is my next project.
I will also some day walkthrough the demo, because it's apparently a whole new level, not actually featured in the full game.

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