Wednesday, 25 August 2010

You could not possibly guess what's happened to me again

I bought more games yesterday. Didn't see that one coming, now did you.

I bought the Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard game I mentioned briefly in the past blog update. It's a real-time strategy and dungeon crawler RPG hybrid where you build towns and hire troops and fight off the enemy strategically on the surface and occasionally clear out dungeons from underground enemies with a small party of adventurers in order to locate powerful items and routes to other parts of the land surface. Or that's what I've heard. Should be interesting. Cost 4,90€.

I also bought Myth III. No idea why yet, but when I saw it on the store shelf I remembered writing down Myth II on my list of games to consider. Couldn't even recall what type of game series Myth is, just that I made a really firm decision of buying it should I see it somewhere cheap. Myth III cost about 5,90€ so it fit the description.

I also bought Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, which is called something else, can't remember what, in the US. Broken Sword: Angel of Death was so good that now I really want to get the rest of the Broken Sword games, and now I'm missing only the 2D games that I probably won't ever find anywhere. Cost 4,90€.

My mother bought herself the Police Quest collection that has the four Sierra's police-themed adventure games, probably because she loved the CSI games and thinks Police Quest is similar. She nabbed my games from me at the store and paid them along with her own Police Quest compilation (7,90), and when later I tried to pay back the price of my purchases she refused to take the money, and at first I refused to take the money back. I eventually gave up and took it back, though, because she said that she'll pay for my games this time so that when I'm old I can think of the good old days when my mother bought me video games, and I knew she wouldn't give up.
The store did give us a great deal, though. Once again one of the games was free, so in total they only cost 17,70€.

We also bought some more DVDs. I say we even though it's my mom who paid for them, yet again.
Rambos 2 and 3, Bubba Ho-Tep, Death Rides a Horse, the entire season two of the original black and white The Saint series (1963-1964) with Roger Moore, and some Clint Eastwood film where he's an elephant-killing film director that I don't recall ever hearing about before.

Later yesterday me and my mom watched Bubba Ho-Tep and ate fastfood, then played through CSI: Dark Motives (which, by the way, ended with a real facepalm moment that crowned that crap game) and then we watched one of the Saint episodes.

That was about it for the entire last week. Now, I'll think about re-introducing myself to the Myth series through reviews and such before making the decision of which game I'm going to install and play first.


  1. Looking forward to your Myth review, normally I know the games you're talking about but I've never played Myth, in fact, I don't even think I've seen it around. Anyway, happy gaming sir!


  2. Sounds good - your mom has the patience to play video games? Man, you got an awesome momma!!
    Police Quest is a BRILLIANT series bro!! Sierra used to be so good back then. Preserve the copies bro and sell it in around 30 years time, you'll become a millionaire. Do you know how many people are dieing to get their hands on those classics? Games like Lesiure Suit Larry 7 are practically impossible to find, even pirates cant find these games yet they can get the most recent super-3D big budget video games. The classics are the best.

    - Derek