Monday, 16 August 2010

Beat Death to Spies the other day

Time for the weekly update, eh? First of all, I wasted the entire day and evening recording this one game I really don't like one bit, and I was thinking of doing something slightly different with the footage. I hope I do get around to working on it soon, because I am definitely NOT going to upload it as a walkthrough on YouTube and thus if I don't do what I planned to do with it originally, the recording session's all been a huge waste of time and I'll just have to delete the videos.

What's more certain than a possible new series of videos I might not ever upload is the knowledge that I finished Death to Spies, with great difficulty. Death to Spies does resemble the Hitman games in many ways, but where the Hitman series games are actually, even on Pro, easy in their complexity once you're familiar with the mission, Death to Spies is hard in it's simplicity even after several playthroughs.
What I mean is that the Hitman games are easy in the sense that you have several routes you can take, several ways to fix a situation where you've played yourself into a tight spot and can't continue the way you planned, but Death to Spies gives you very simple but intensely strict missions, and I was often completely out of ideas on how to get through the missions even with a crappy rating. I mean it, I had no idea how I was actually supposed to get through some of the later missions without killing everyone in a hail of bullets, and although I now know a few precarious ways to pass the missions on Normal, I have absolutely no fucking clue how on Earth anyone could ever get Expert rating on Expert difficulty on most of the missions.
The game actually reminds me of Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive a lot due to similar stealth gameplay mechanics and insane mission difficulty. Fun games, though, both Desperados:WDoA and Death to Spies. I recommend playing them. And the Hitman series especially.
Might do a walkthrough of Death to Spies someday.

I did also try out Heroes IV. I have no idea what the hell happened in those few scenarios I played. It's basically like Disciples if you tried playing 10 different campaigns on one Disciples map at the same time, way too much shit for me to pay attention to. I had not idea what I should've wanted to do each round, other than to claim resources, build houses in towns and look for the "goal" of the chapter. That's what I did in Disciples, too, but in Heroes IV I was just lost.
Not saying it's a bad game, though, just a bit too complicated to be picked up and played cold like I did. I'll try to learn the ropes of it some rainy day, but I just can't be bothered to be bothered by it right now.


  1. The first mission in Death to Spies is easy, but I always get the ''scout'' rating in it. Not sure if it's the best rating? But when the second mission came, it blew my mind. So many enemies, and it's hard not to get caught!

    That's where I cave up :'/

  2. Scout is one of the lower ratings. Professional is second highest and Expert is highest.