Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I did it today

I walked to my favourite game store and back, took me 5 hours 15 minutes total with 5 minutes spent at the store. This city was built weird, I didn't realize where the hell I was until I came home to check the map. I was two miles off of the road I was planning to take because I wanted to take this nice "shortcut" early on that I didn't know too well. Now my legs are falling off and there's extra toes growing out of my left foot, but I did it anyway.

Bought three new games. Well, new to me, anyway.
I bought Spy Fiction for PlayStation 2,
Broken Sword: Angel of Death (aka Secrets of the Ark in US) for PC and
Beyond Good & Evil for PC.
Total cost 17,70€. My mother gave me 10€ a week ago for the bus (incase I can't make it) and something to eat when I first told her that I intend to walk downtown some sunny day, but because I didn't eat out and I didn't take the bus either direction I only spent 7,70€ of my own money. This morning I also found 10€ in my wallet that I had forgotten about, so compared to how much money I thought I had last week I now have more money than I should AND I have three new games. Not every day is a crap day, though tomorrow is going to be painful.

Oh, and I beat Thief last night. I suppose I might start and finish Thief II before I take on these new arrivals.

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