Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I just came back from a long walk, in total length it's nearly the distance from here to downtown and I'm not dead yet, so maybe soon I can forget travel by bus. I was out yesterday, too.
I'm still playing Thief, but very slowly. I'm in the middle of Strange Bedfellows. Return to Haunted Cathedral was just crap and these final missions don't look too good either, and it doesn't help that I have to watch the cutscenes on YouTube to get the idea of what is happening. I was all ready to quit playing the game a while back but I can't leave every game I start unfinished. Blood Money's fine as an exception to the rule but if I can't finish Thief, then maybe I won't finish Thief II and soon I'm the guy who can't beat video games. Again.

It's been really nice, sunny days lately. As soon as trees grow leaves again, I'll take my camera with me and maybe you'll get to see the paradise I live in.


  1. Hey Johnny, do they have any gay ass restrictions in Finland?
    We cant buy games if we're not the age it says on the cover. With 15s and 16s we can get away with, but with 18s, they normally ask for ID, its apparently illegal. It must be awesome for other countries though.

  2. It's illegal here too. Store clerks have to ask for an ID if the customer looks too young and is alone. With a parent's approval it's allowed, though.