Monday, 29 March 2010

So I'm a run-and-gunner now... too bad the game isn't that either

I watched a bit of somebody's LP of Fallout Tactics and it made me want to give the first mission another try to test out all the different modes and try out different tactics.
My verdict on Fallout Tactics right now: It's not much of a game.
You can click on ground and sometimes get characters moving and you can click on enemies and often get your characters to shoot that enemy, but it's seriously lacking a few key features and what it does have doesn't work, making it less than a real game. PCs get stuck in dead ends sometimes, and if you try controlling more than one character at a time near walls or doors or just try to get them to travel a longer distance, one of them may choose a stupid route right in front of enemies or into a dead end to complain about not being able to reach the destination. Sentry mode doesn't fully function either, I switched my character to aggressive at 66% accuracy and ran into enemies on purpose in CTB mode. What he do? Sit next to the enemies and do nothing but get shot. What was the accuracy you may ask? 95%! With the fully loaded pump shotgun he should've shot the enemies but didn't. Actions also get cancelled oddly at times, and accuracy is weird, with constant hits from 30-60% accuracy and several consecutive misses at 70-95% with decent strength and luck and high perception with 95% small guns skill. What? Why's it reversed?

I intend to still give the game a chance with several different character builds, maybe something works. I just think that a linear version of Fallout 2 without dialogue or "peaceful" quests would've been more of a game than Tactics is.

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