Sunday, 28 March 2010

Shelf Space on a Timeless Day

There's been all sorts of things happening all day yesterday and today, but hardly anything you'd be particularly interested in. I finally got some junk moved out of my bedroom and got a new shelf, so I now have all my games and movies on the same wall and generally everything's looking better. Can't record any new console games in the near while, though, because I moved my consoles and tv a feet or two further away from my PC so the wire doesn't reach. Not that I would even be thinking about recording anything new, and if I did it would be a PC game anyway.

While still on that subject, what I'm planning to do next videowise is to record commentary over my old Hitman: Codename 47 walkthrough and upload it to Blip, and then continue on to do the same to my better older walkthroughs. Spyro the Dragon commentary was actually requested by some but I don't know if there's anything I have to say about the game. Some old walkthroughs I'll re-record entirely with commentary, though, like Hitman 2 and Red Dead Revolver [v3]. One new game I'm sure to do is Hitman Contracts. I've also thought about continuing the old Pokémon Blue LP (I'll call it LP if I want to, you bastards!) on YouTube since I think it's just crap enough to be there.
The Fallout 3 LP will never be continued since I nearly finished the game with that character to get some trophies and I think I may have deleted the saves later on. If I ever do do Fallout 3 again then it's a fresh start on Blip. Don't think I will, the original Fallout and Fallout 2 are more likely choices.
Of course, before uploading any new videos I should try and post all the old ones here first. It's just that I hate doing all that work every time my website goes down. Knowing my luck this blog will be deleted by Google only days after I get the last game up here.

There's nothing to say about video games today because I haven't played anything in two days. Yesterday's Fallout Tactics stuff I talked about happened the day before. Maybe there's something new tomorrow.

Almost forgot, something pointless: time's giving me shit, or would be if I gave a shit. As you should know, the clocks were supposed to be turned one hour forwards yesterday night because of that daylight savings thing. That's how it's been every year in the past, at 3 am Sunday morning. The newspaper wrote about it saying it's Sunday at 3am and my computer changed it automatically in the morning. What's weird, though, the time hasn't been changed anywhere else around here, even the TV programs are using the wrong time. It's a good thing I don't personally need to know the time for anything because it would've been annoying to live in the wrong time today. Like now, is it 11 Pm or only 10? What if the TV wasn't so full of shit, or what if I had a girlfriend to date? I could be screwed.
Get your times straight, time... people. Father Time.

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