Saturday, 26 December 2009

Uncharted 2 trophies, and a short rant about the next-gen shit and money troubles

Alright, I've collected all but 7 of the trophies (not including the Platinum trophy) in Uncharted 2. I'm missing 4 trophies for the treasures, the trophy for playing through the game on Crushing difficulty and the 2 trophies for playing multiplayer games. Thank goodness Naughty Dog is wise and only gave multiplayer trophies that you can achieve by just playing multiplayer; you get one for playing a co-op mode and one for playing a competitive mode, and you don't have to win them.

I look at trophies as being a more graspable version of the normal in-game achievements, like instead of just seeing 100% completion in GTAs statistics that I can only see when I start the game, I have a trophy that not only me but everyone else also is able to see everytime the trophies section of my profile is opened. I went after 100% completion in both Vice City and San Andreas, but I never achieved it in either game because I got tired doing small annoying crap just to have the bragging rights. The problem with bragging rights is that once you use your right, you sound like... well, a guy who brags about beating a game 100% on message boards. We all hate those guys, don't we? If it's not we who are bragging, I mean.
Bragging rights are the only reason I would've ever finished PS2 GTAs 100%, because I'm not obsessive and I can sleep well even if I know I only have 78% of Vice City completed, because I have beaten the story and that's all that matters. GTA IV gives a trophy for 100% completion and what do you know, I suddenly had the motive to do it.
Trophies lenghten the life of a game for more people than just the hardcore target audience, because they add one more reason to do the stuff you normally would pass up on to save time.
Uncharted 2's trophies are just that, you have a realistic chance to get them and going for the multiplayer trophies gets you to at least try the online modes and see if you'd actually enjoy them. Some people might pass up on the online otherwise.

If MGS4 gave you trophies instead of the in-game emblems I would've played it more, but as it stands there's absolutely no reason why I would play MGS4 ever again. They should really release a trophy patch, though. GTA IV came out the same summer and it got a trophy patch a short time after, and if MGS4 really got trophy support, even this late, I'd go back to it. Only problem is, they'd probably add trophies to MGO also and dear, oh, dear did I get tired of it already.
While were at it, they should also release late trophy patches for Assassin's Creed, Overlord: Raising Hell, Turok and Stranglehold as well, because those games are dead to me already and I haven't even gotten too far in Turok. In fact I only ever got to the part right after you "learn" to knife people silently, and then I quit.
I hate looking at my shelf and seeing games I have barely started, but I'd much rather leave them incomplete than endure the pain of finishing them for no reason, as the games don't give me a good enough reason on their own (which means they're shit).
Paying that 104 dollars a game gets more and more painful everytime I realize that another turok or assassinscreed found it's way to my shelf and I have no intention to play them. Trophies give me at least 5 dollars back, because at least I'll spend time on the games that drive me to live on the streets.

I have a total amount of around 420 euros at my disposal, and a new game costs 70 euros. When I pay a sixth of all the money I have that I should actually not use on video games in the first place but being an idiot I do, I would like to receive something in return. Was Assassin's Creed worth that much? No. Luckily it was a gift, so I didn't pay anything for it myself.
That's the reason I stay away from new games and buy old and used instead. I went a bit off-topic from Uncharted 2 trophies, but it's good to every now and then remind you why I will not record walkthroughs for next-gen games before they're retro.

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