Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I recorded Earthworm Jim 2 yesterday, and the videos have been rendered. There's was a rather big problem with rendering the final video, but I got around it eventually. I'll preview the videos and start uploading them once I'm sure I haven't made any mistakes in editing.
The walkthrough is 66 minutes long.

I woke up around 3 am  and couldn't get any sleep until around 6 am. Got up at 11 and promised my mother to go to the shops to pick up sugar, milk, and the like. She was going to ask my sister who is getting sick and has been working all day, so I said that I'll go since I don't have a job. I also enjoy doing normal life stuff like going to the shops so it's more fun than work for me. I didn't even settle for going to the nearby little market that's right around the corner, and went straight (or rather around) to town.
An unnaturally snowy this Christmas is, I tell you. Haven't seen this much snow in a few years.

Tonight I'll decorate the Christmas tree and the apartment, and that's pretty much the last thing to do. All the food is ready for tomorrow. Unlike some people in some cultures, we celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas day, so tomorrow's the big day when we set everything up nice, eat the first big Christmas family dinner of the season and open the presents.

I'm not a fan of Christmas foods AT ALL, so my holiday meals are a bit... sad is what I would guess people might call it, but it's how I like it. I'd be sad if people forced me to eat that crap everyone else is eating.
At Christmas dinner, on my plate you'll find steamed peas, canned tuna and some slices of ham. That's it. Sometimes there's potatos or something that people force me to eat, but the peas, tuna and ham is all I want and look for. This year my mother bought me some expensive fish, but I'm not sure if I'll like it. I like fish, I just don't like expensive.

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