Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I give up, although I really don't

Yes. I did play MK Armageddon all night last night, and I have a newfound interest in kreating some kharaters in it as well as trying out the old MK kharacters in the arcade mode.
I may rekord some fights with my kreated kharakters and upload them if I get really krazy.

That concievably further leads me into "giving up" on the collection video for the time being and finish The Suffering, and perhaps Stranglehold. Those unfinished works bother me, and the game collection thing will take a long, a very long while until it's finished and I'm not just not doing anything (yes, that's an intended double negative right there).
I am constantly working on the collection series, but unlike walkthroughs it's not just slapping videos on Sony Vegas and rendering. I gather footage and music for the videos and write the outline of the videos beforehand so it's easier to understand than my rather obviously unscripted LPs. Because I will have several games in one video and I want to show varied footage I have to plan ahead what exactly I will use as my computer can't hold several hours of video for every game at once.

I talk about the collection videos a lot without showing anything, but it really is quite noticeable work compared to all my usual videos that I crank out by the dozens even if the outcome is only a list of games. I've put more work into the series already than on most videos ever before, and although it would be far easier to just buy a new webcam, or borrow my old pc back from my mother for a short while and just point the camera at the covers, I don't want to do that anymore.

So, that's the update: I'll quite possibly upload all sorts of usual crap like the Suffering and Stranglehold again soon and "give up" on the collection thing. Christmas is coming, I may be getting something cool to add in the collection anyway. Wouldn't want to miss them.

By the way, did I use the word concievably right? I try to expand my English vocabulary and I've started using words I've done my best to avoid before.

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