Monday, 16 November 2009

Day Off for an Unemployed Man

As you can guess, I haven't recorded the game collection videos yet because lately I've been oddly tired. I've gone to bed quite early-ish, but I haven't gotten any actual sleep until morning when normal people wake up and then I've slept to 3-4 pm through all alarms, and it's quite annoying because it's "winter" and the day's pretty much over at 4 pm.
The even more annoying thing is that the sleep I get in the day does nothing, so early in the evening I feel tired and a few nights I've fallen asleep at eight o' clock only to wake up at 1 am and not get any sleep again until morning comes.

Because I wanted to record the collection videos sooner rather than later, I decided to stay up all night last night and in the morning take a long shower and eat a heavy breakfast to sort of break the already messed up night-day cycle of mine, and after the breakfast I actually didn't feel tired at all anymore.
So, I dug up my old microphone as the headset I've used to record my voice for LPs is broken, and adjusted the volume levels. Just before recording I sat on my new old sofa to collect my thoughts, and despite feeling energetic I ended up dozing off. I woke up hours later to the sounds of someone coming into the apartment, jumped up and nearly fell on the floor several times because my entire leg went numb when I apparently sat on it the whole time I was asleep. I was so dizzy that I didn't understand what was going on in the hallway or where the hell my 'missing leg' went so I just hopped to my bed and had some more shuteye. Later I woke up, had spaghetti for dinner and played Sly 3 on the PS2, which by the way I still don't like.

I hate this depressing watery autumn-winter. It's all grey if it's not dark, and it's so damn cold but not cold enough to keep the snow in it's original form. I feel tired during the "day" but I can't get any sleep at night.

I think I'll go play Fallout 3 and go trophy hunting, or play MK Armageddon and shed some blood. I've never actually played much of the arcade mode in MKA, so it's due time.
One funny thing you might not have guessed is that I don't actually play video games if I'm not recording them, so the last time I played anything was last month before Halloween when I recorded The Suffering (unless we count the night when I played Marsupilami for Sega Mega Drive, which I didn't enjoy too much).
In that regard today would be sort of a day off. I'll tell you how it went if it went anywhere at all.

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