Friday, 5 June 2009

I am back

Back, from my 3-4 day vacation. Vacation from what? I don't even do anything with my life...
But anyway, I just thought I'd tell you that I was going somewhere now that I'm already back home, so you don't have to worry if I'll ever return because you already know I'm safe and sorry- eh, sound.

The website, it'll be updated someday. I've already updated some areas like the random slogans on top of the page, but I haven't updated them on the server for whichever reason seemed most convenient at the time when I just couldn't fuck to work and that's why you don't see anything different here. I have big plans for my site, mostly tiny and shit in reality, but plenty ideas anyway. Some of them ideas of mine are solid gold...

Walkthroughs, I've already promised people a Spyro the Dragon walkthrough for PS1 on YouTube now that I have it, and I will stick to that. In fact I'll finish the rest of the game tonight so that when I start recording I'll know what I'm supposed to do. Before Spyro, though, I'll try my best to finish the damn McDonald's game I began last week.

Before I start playing Spyro, I'll put some more GTA IV videos to upload. Yes, I have a GTA IV walkthrough under construction on PWNorDIE, but I'm fairly sure you either didn't know or don't really care. But if you do care, it's a yes-spoiler walkthrough, meaning it has cutscenes in it.

I also had some funny jokes regarding my website I wanted to add in this blog post (and perhaps in the random thing on top of the page). One was about how I deliver my long-promised updates only slightly sooner than Duke Nukem Forever sees release and one was about how my website is so unprofessional that if I could somehow fuck over my fans and website's users, I could get an offer from Google. I couldn't be bothered to slip these into my earlier bollocks, though, so giggle now.

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