Friday, 12 June 2009

Destiny? I just want to kick some-

Topics today:
- Spyro the Dragon
- Say NO! to ROMs!
- PS3 Controller on PC
- Metal... Gear?!
- Donations?

Spyro the Dragon is here. Yes, I've started recording the Spyro walkthrough, finally. Loads of trouble it gave me, but in the end I managed to overcome all obstacles.
I've told people I have a damaged disc of it that I'm able to emulate, but if you ask Harry, what I've said could be just a load of old bollocks. It's possible I'm just trying to cover up any traces of me supporting piratism in case YouTube someday removes my videos and deletes my account because Insomniac, Universal or Sony decide I'm a bad influence and lead potential customers on the gritty path to the dark side. It's possible I just downloaded a copy of the game I've wanted to play for a long time. It also possible I don't like to lie people so I'm trying to hint, very obviously, what the whole truth is.
Or it's a scratched disc, I have basically all the right to emulate it since it's a damaged but a legal copy someone once paid for. Who knows.

In any case, the whole emulation issue has caused people to ask me where to find roms and emulators. I can't answer any questions like that, especially not on YouTube. YT, like many other big websites, do not allow people to post download links for emulators or roms, or links to sites that offer emulators or roms. Just asking for them is forbidden, and YT is sure to delete any comments or messages where people even subtly ask for them. That's why your messages are being removed. It's not done by me, it's done by YouTube people.
This blog is Google powered, which could mean any links or directions might be forbidden here also. Only direction I can safely give you is: USE THE FUCKING GOOGLE SEARCH!
Yup, it's useful. Only good thing that has ever come out of that evil corporation that serves several evil corporations. Well, this blog is somewhat useful, too, and I've used GoogleEarth to find the best route to my girlfriend's house in the past. No, I don't have a gf at the moment.

Since I'm posting an update for once, I might as well advertise a useful little thing. You know, for emulating Spyro I use ePSXe, to record it I use HyperCam (and the good fps is possible because the screen I play on is 320x240) and for editing I use Sony Vegas 7, as usual. For control, though... nope, no keyboard. I've never been much of a PC gamer, because it's just too complicated, my fingers hurt and my keys break faster (my Shift key hasn't been the same after Splinter Cell (my copy of SC was 100% legal, I paid for it in a game store. Cost me 90 cents if I recall correctly)). How do I do it then? you may ask.
PLAYSTATION 3 CONTROLLER FOR THE WIN! There's a completely legal driver you can download now that makes your PC accept the PS3 controller as another USB gaming device.
Here's a link to the driver, info and instructions in case you need a PS3 controller on PC:

Since emulation opens new possibilities, I've gone back to thinking about the Metal Gear Solid walkthrough. My copy of the game is scratched (honestly!) and gets stuck everytime the cutscene where Liquid's Hind D is about to drop. If I can't emulate the original, download a save from right after the battle and play on PS3 or anything else, I could download the game online and finish, at least that part, through emulation. Then I could also make walkthroughs of MGS2 and the Metal Gears on SNES. Snake Eater still doesn't work so I guess that has to wait until... I don't know, something happens. I don't think PS2 emulation would produce a very good quality walkthrough, so forget that.

PayPal, AlertPay... I've been thinking that I should make it possible for people to donate money to me. I mean, I'm just as much after money as everyone else. I'd like to say I don't really care about getting money, but... I can't buy games without money, but I could start ordering games online if people donated me online funds (I refuse to associate my bank account with any online service) and many have promised me that they would donate if they could. So, I might put up some page with Donate buttons someday. I don't really expect to get anything, but if some rich doofus would like to waste money on crap, that doofus has all the right to be able to do so on my page. Of course, this isn't like my Big Plan from 2008, I wouldn't necessarily use the funds to buy the games people request most.

That's all for now. As last words, I'm taking a long break from my PWNorDIE GTA IV walkthrough. After Spyro, I might either continue Let's Playing and put more time and effort into it than ever before, or just keep uploading a few new walkthroughs to my main YouTube channel.

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