Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Went to the check-up today, I'm going back to the army next year with my physical condition classification lowered so I don't have to participate in as many physical activities as I did the last time.

And more games.
Bought Commandos Strike Force for the PS2. I know it's not similar to or as good as Commandos 2, but... I bought it. Looks interesting, just more console-y and action-y than Commandos 2.
I also bought The Settlers III Gold Edition. I believe I really like city/economy building, I just haven't found any really good examples of this game type. I hope Settlers III is at least decent. Don't recall ever reading too much about this series before so I don't know what to expect exactly, but I am slightly worried about some critics making a big deal about the combat. I HATE wars in my city/economy building games, I want to design and build working cities, not command troops across empty fields. If I wanted combat, I'd buy the Total War games.
And to get one game free I also got The Movies for PC. I like SOME tycoon games, especially Theme Park, Railroad Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon, so I should be alright, but even if I do ever get bored I can always create a Movies version of Red Dead Revolver. And it was free, so I don't care. Makes my collection look bigger.

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