Tuesday, 28 December 2010

4 Weeks Later It Was Christmas

Here's what I got for Christmas.

A classic, "retro" style Ramones alarm clock. It makes a helluva racket when it goes off making sure that both you AND your neighbours definitely wake up pissed off, just like alarm clocks used to do (who the hell wakes up to the gentle beeping sounds the new digital ones make, huh?). All I can say is, thank heavens I don't have to wake up in the morning for any reason.

A black hat. Don't think I'll use it much, because the fabric is so loose that when I put it on it turns into an Amish hat that's one size too large for my head.

A Sex Pistols tea mug.

A Mickey/Goofy Disney glass. For whiskey.

Candy. Well, I ate a lot of it already.

A Mickey Mouse plushy toy.

A Mickey Mouse keychain.

A metallic box with a picture of, I think, Kaj Stenvall's duck painting.

A grey shirt.

Posse DVD.

Geronimo/The Quick and the Dead double DVD.

Psycho DVD. A true, classic Christmas movie.

Dead Rising 2.
In four days I've beaten it four times, doing a fifth run now where I complete all cases and save all survivors and defeat all psychos. I'm level 50, and I've gotten majority of the trophies as well as finished literally 99% of the stuff needed for the collectibles trophies that I haven't yet gotten. Yes, I have even killed 72 000 zombies.
If any of you people have Dead Rising 2 for the PS3 also, I am looking for somebody I can finish the co-op stuff with. They say it's better with a friend, but I have no friends. Nobody I know well has a PS3, and hardly anyone I even barely know actually likes Dead Rising's type of games. Stupid people, have no taste!
Once I'm done with Dead Rising 2, I might write a short post regarding how I feel about the game.

Fallout: New Vegas.
Haven't yet played it, because I know I'll spend a great deal of time with this game and when I start playing it I want to focus solely on it and no other game, so I'm just playing Dead Rising 2 until I just can't take it anymore and need a change. Dead Rising 2 is a perfect example of the type of game I can come back to at a later date just to screw around for a day, but Fallout: New Vegas is quite probably something that I won't immediately play again once I'm done with the story.

And if you're wondering what has happened with me not posting anything for a month, well... the first week I had something in mind I wanted to write about, possibly about some movies or something, but I honestly just forgot what it was so I thought I'd skip a week.
The second week I were going to start posting short comic strips of the weird and funny "logic" of some of my favourite video games, and thought that since I have at least 9 ideas and the content would be actually good it wouldn't matter if the posting was a bit delayed, but I realized again that can't draw for shit so... there went that idea.
The third week I decided to start recording videos, but most of my plans failed because of hardware and software problems (hell, just taking those pictures below took me 30 minutes of work, and I had to try 8 different programs. Damn this new technology sucks!). I even started finally recording a Red Dead Redemption walkthrough for my probably now forgotten RDR YouTube channel, but soon after I had set everything up I realized that I have so much shit on my harddrive, including the raw files of the Second Shite LP  I STILL haven't edited, that I couldn't store the footage of Redemption.
And this last week I have been very excited about Christmas and have been playing Dead Rising 2 quite a lot since Christmas eve. I've only slept about 5-6 hours a night and I've got wrinkles under my bloodshot eyes, so you're (un)lucky I managed to take time off of zombie slaying to post this.

The happy news is that although my PC, or Windows Vista rather, keeps fucking up and having failures when booting up, my antivirus is renewed for another year so the useless crap and the hefty amounts of donkey porn on my PC is still well protected.

Sorry if the images are messed up, this blogging service doesn't have any easy method for image alingment that would work well. It's either easy OR working, not both at the same time.


  1. Wow you got more for Xmas than I did :P

    Glad to hear you got Dead Rising 2 and New Vegas. Two awesome games. I still don't quite understand why New Vegas is so cheap now (£20 - which is £5 more than what GTA IV is being sold at now), even though it sold more copies than Fallout 3 (or am I wrong)?

    Since I was so hooked on New Vegas, I decided to touch Fallout 3, a game I truly hate - or till I played it again, hated. I just understand now how awesome the game is. My first time through the game, I just disliked it cause it wasn't my sort of thing. I just wanted to shoot stuff up and didn't have patience for a non-linear game (other than GTA) and well, I just wanted every game to be a GTA. Now after playing through the game, I really find the story engaging. The main reason why I started playing Fallout 3 was cause I had a second viewing of your Fallout LP. It was awesome, so much it wanted me to play it and apply some of your crazy styles to find out the outcomes on my own screen. This is exactly the reason why you should continue that LP. Anyway, I played through quite a bit, and I just can't believe the fact that I DONT want to blow up Megaton so quickly like you did. I find it hard to leave Megaton as it's the safest place I have discovered so far. I've been doing loads of chores for the psychotic Moira (who the fuck would want to injure themself for an experiment!?)

    Anyway, even after 9 hours of game time, I'm still doing tasks for the people in Megaton. I'm playing through at my own pace. I also find the violence very much satisfying. Who doesn't like cutting every limb in the victim's fuckin' body!?

    I also got Black Ops for the 360 this Christmas. It's so awesome. You shouldn't get it though. One, I heard the PS3 version has many issues online, and even the 360 version has its fair amount of problems and disconnecting issues. I've only touched the multiplayer, but I played through the first 3 levels of the main campaign and I'm highly impressed by how its full of action and actually felt like you made a difference to the war you were involved within. The best part was the zombie mode. I lasted for 7 rounds playing on solo, but then decided to play on co-op and lasted till round 19. The multiplayer and zombie mode is pretty much the thing which is forcing me to keep coming back for more fun. I've paused Fallout 3 just to play Black Ops. I wish to only progress further in the main campaign after I'm done with my other prioritised games (Fallout 3, Minecraft - you were responsible for making me play this too, and perhaps Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare - which is amazing, I prefer it over the actual game).

    By the way, you simply MUST do a LP for New Vegas ASAP. If you want me and others to return to it, you gotta do an LP. Preferably now cause a blind run would be better for all of us. You should also do an LP of Dead Rising 2. I played it at a friends house, it's quite fun but it's too arcadey. Ever since playing gems such as Black Ops and Fallout, a strong plot really matters to me, so I probably won't be purchasing Dead Rising 2 till prices go so low so much that owners would practically want to throw it out for free.

    Anyway - thats all. I'm so tired. Nower days I wake up at 12PM and go to bed at 4:30AM
    It's like a must-do thing, I simply cannot get any sleep till its around 4 or 5, some bad habit as I've been occupying myself with games lately. Even now I'm super tired after playing shit loads of GTA IV multiplayer, so I apologise for any grammatical errors.

    And less than 2 more days for the new year. Can you believe it? I hope you return to the walkthroughing business fairly soon, hopefully with a new start from next year onwards.

    - Derek

  2. No fear of me buying Black Ops, I don't think I'll ever get that game because Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2 cover what little it is I need from first-person shooter games of that type.

    I don't want to do a blind LP of New Vegas, because for one I'm playing so slow that by the time I'm done there'd be 150 hours of footage to sort through and secondly I want to enjoy the HD quality and I can't record HD.

    I think I'll post something about Dead Rising 2 withing the next 24 hours if the new year of 2011 arriving doesn't distract me too much.

  3. Battlefield is a pretty shitty game in comparison to Black Ops. The thing with Black Ops is that it's soert of addictive.

    You want to constantly play to unlock stuff. Its the sort of game you'd enjoy a lot cause there are trophies/achievements, and then trhere are also internal challenges (but you don't get trophies/achievements for them) but they improve your kill/death ratio. Like get 200 kills with the Famas or whatever. All these result in extra experience points. Then there's EXP for headshots, buzz kills, collaterals, triple kills, no scoping etc.

    The best thing is the killstreaks. It feels highly rewarding to call in the air support to gun down enemies, or set off attack dogs to go and take chunks out of people's asses postman-style. Napalm strikes are also awesome, imagine bombing a complete sector of a particular map with these huge fire blast thingy. Like a mini nuclear explosion sort of.

    I dunno, it's beyond amazing and extremely rewarding but the connection issues piss me off deeply. From time to time (at least 1 out of 3 matches suffer from this), you get host migrations, which is pissy cause it serves as a huge speed bump, slowing down the action, and could make you lose at times. There are also times where you get disconnected and have to reconnect into XBL by manually testing the connection. Often these occur when I happen to be pwning and at the top of the leaderboard. But I doubt it happens to everyone as frequently as it happens to me as I am using a wifi connection so maybe thats why but my connection according to my XBL is still strong, dont understand why I get disconnected.

    Anyway, the game is fun and rewarding (well the multiplayer is) but like I said, there are technical problems and always some racist shits (who happen to be Scottish) who think its funny to scream down their headset. Then there are also loads of 6 year olds thinking their all hard and stuff.

    Yeah, its best you avoid it unless its incredibly cheap (which I doubt seeing as MW2 is still higher than BO - makes no fuckin' sense).

    By the way, did you happen to finish World of Goo? What was your opinion of that?
    And do you wanna do Minecraft survival guide multiplayer LP thingy?? I'm building a huge sandcastle in the middle of the ocean. Since you've played it more than me, can the zombies and creeper swim? I've seen some pigs and cows and some spiders too fail at swimming, also the skeleton archer dudes, but never the others.

    Goin' out
    - Derek

  4. That's just the problem with Black Ops and it's kind, I don't like first-person multiplayer shooting. Only exceptions have been Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Battlefield Heroes.

    I did finish World of Good. I liked it, but after getting through the story once I never went back.

    I wouldn't have anything in particular against playing more minecraft in any way, but you'd have to host the game. And we'd probably need to have the same version of the game to get it to work.
    I think I have seen Creepers float around in water, and I don't think they're too aggressive when swimming. Never seen zombies in deep water.

  5. Oh right I see. Anyway, after 2 weeks of playing you get this guiltiness playing Black Ops, like ths feeling like 'Black ops, you fuckin' ruined my life!!'

    But I still have fun with it.
    Still hate Activision.

    I also got Mass Effect 2. I'm saving the game for later when I have time but I played the first level and it's pretty good. I'd recommend it.

    As with Minecraft, I've got a "free" copy, so don't know how far I can go with hosting and stuff. I dont have plans of buying Minecraft until the full thing comes out. The price is pretty steep for a story-less game.

    - Derek

  6. Just between me and you, and the rest of the Internets, my current copy is also "free". My first copy was just regular free.