Sunday, 31 October 2010

Gruesomely Happy Halloween!

Although here in Finland Halloween is a shallow commercial thing few know of and nobody actually cares about and the 'official' date is whatever the companies who make the money out of Halloween themed crap decide is best for them, this year it being sometime later next week, I'm frightful tonight.
Usually on Halloween I watch my favourite movies like Evil Dead 2 and 3, Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2, The Thing and Clue, but this Halloween I'm watching Japanese gorefests and Hitchcock's classics, in fact I just got done watching Vertigo.
I know, I know, Hitchcock doesn't have a whole lot of supernatural monsters or anything in the spirit of Halloween, more like in the spirit of murder your wife for a ton of cash, but... fuck you and your spirits, I watch what I want and you can't stop me!

Anyway, happy Halloween and stay ghastly out there. Should be easy, I bet you're a frightful looking bunch already.

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