Friday, 21 May 2010


Pardon me for blaming the importer earlier, they're apparently alright guys and haven't, to my knowledge, fucked up anything.
Red Dead Redemption for the PS3 has not been released here in Finland yet because the game has been coded shitty. That's the rather straightforward way to put it but I really mean it, the actual reason the game has not been allowed to hit the shelves here is that due to rumours originated from the Internet stating that Red Dead Redemption would have game breaking bugs, some people higher up in the chain have decided not to ship the game here yet (so high that it's probably Rockstar/Take2 themselves). The message would suggest that the bugs are larger than just game breaking, but I suspect that's just poor wording, and anyway the game was pulled because of some rumours circulating online so personally I don't know if there's anything actually wrong in the game.
Take2 has not made any promises regarding a new release date.
My information is all from the official message sent to various retailers by Panvision.

So Red Dead Redemption has not been released here because it's so buggy. How come the game has been released in so many other countries already? Even several European countries have it, so it's not a Europe-wide problem or there's a shitty game out in the world that people are playing right now, unaware of it's shittiness. Such bugs wouldn't surprise me though, having lived in the modern age of gaming technology I'm not amazed by anything anymore.

I pray the game really IS that badly coded. Why would I be so mean? Because I can be, and being mean amuses me right now.

I'm still betting on Tuesday.

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