Friday, 26 March 2010

Then maybe you'll ask me to come back again

So, Brotherhood.
I go around the place and meet an interesting Brother and an interesting Sister. I buy enhancements from the Sister doctor and raise all my stats apart from Luck and Charisma since those two aren't on the menu. The Brother, a mechanic gets me a Powered Armor if I can find some thingamajig and repair the armor myself. I go to level 1 and fool the supply man into giving me the thing by telling him it was needed yesterday and it's my ass if it's not delivered. All parts are ready, but there's a problem: my repair sucks. Even with difficulty set on easy I don't have high enough repair skill to build the armor, so I go out to buy some books, Dean's Electronics. There's some for sale in the Hub and I get enough points from reading them so that with a Tool the skill goes to 80, or SHOULD go to 80. When I actually use the tool on the armor back in the Brotherhood it still isn't enough and I have to set the dificulty to easy to get the repair skill high enough without the tool. After all that jazz The Power is Mine!
With this new armor I go to the Cathedral that I do still have marked on my map.

Cathedral. This place annoys me but it's quick to cover if I just forget all reloads, aimless wandering and pointless backtracking.
Some guy in robes gets angry at me for having equipped a gun inside and starts a fight with me. Bad mistake. Everybody dies, except for Laura or whoever and her friend, and the lady in the room who didn't join the fight. There's some equipment I pick up and a locked door I blow up with plastic explosives after jamming the lock. I know now I could've used the badges from the enemies on the two locked doors on this bottom level, but I didn't know it at the time of blowing up the doors. I go upwards while killing Knights and meet Morpheus. Morpheus is supposed to be the one to talk to if you want to meet Master, but Morpheus becomes hostile and calls the guards. Bad mistake again. Everyone dies.
I'm beginning to wonder if there's stairs underground somewheere here, and sure enough I find a locked door and a guard behind it with a possible entrance somewhere. I go to Boneyard to buy my old explosives back from Zack and come to blow up this second door. I kill the mutant and find some stairs leading down.
Underground there's just an empty basement of sorts with bookshelves. I honestly guessed that there's a secret entrance somewhere, but the game allows me to do nothing. It just complains about me carrying as much as I am able to already, making me wonder if the game really thought I was actually trying to pick up and entire bookshelf.
Eventually some robe dude opens the hidden entrance behind a bookshelf and aks what I'm doing here. He doesn't believe me when I say Morpheus sent me, but I don't mind. Everyone dies, including the guys guarding the door to the vault where I guess Master lives. I take the vault elevator to level 2.
There's mutants and people. Some people are crazy and talk about nullifiers, and I of course pick up one from the piles of ash. Other guys blow up when released. Everybody dies.
At this time I think I'm carrying a plasma rifle and the alien blaster as my main weapons, and earlier when leveling up I chose Tag! as my perk and raised energy weapons to 116. It's funny, Tag! is only supposed to raise the skill by 20% and double the skill points but for me the game raised the skill by 40 PLUS the doubled skill points I assigned to it. Weird.

On the 3rd level everybody dies, except for the robots. A lot of mutants down there, but they're hard of hearing and I can attack one without alerting the others, and with my power weapons I pretty much kill a mutant a round, if not a mutant a bullet even. Unfortunately there's a locked elevator behind a locked door and I can open neither. Hell, in one of my failed attempts 3 plastic explosives and 2 packs of dynamite didn't open the way. I assure you that the hours that followed my discovery of these two locked doors were painful, but I will not further describe the many failed experiments, instead I tell you in short what I did to get in.
I grind up a level and assign all skill points to lockpick, then set the difficulty on easy and finally open the doors. That simple.
I go down and guess what I find: a bomb. A very large bomb guarded by two muties, neither of which is the Master. I thought I'd just fight Master down here but I just end up setting off the bomb's 4 minute timer. Well, maybe Master surprises me and stops me on my way out and fights me either while the countdown is on or after the bomb has gone off. Well, nope, I never see him and the cutscene with the cathedral blowing up plays. Well, maybe I messed up and the game forces me to reload like once with the vats in the military base. No, the endings are shown.
That's why Master is the best mutant, he stayed out of my way, although I didn't expect the game to end like this.

I become a legend  in the wastes and the rest of the mutants head far east. Shady Sands turns into New California Republic under Tandi's command, Junktown isn't mentioned probably because it's empty now, the Hub is annihilated by super mutants (?) , Necropolis' ghouls die of dehydration, the Brotherhood introduces new techonlogy outside their little club and chase the last of the mutants away without casualties on either side, Boneyard's okay I guess and the Vault 13 Overseer kicks me out. I let the old man live and just forget about Fraggle Rock, I found a better life outside anyway. The final cutscene plays and credits roll.

The end.

Now I hurry to play Fallout Tactics, I'm expecting it to be a lot of fun.

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