Sunday, 14 March 2010

Same old, same old

Been playing you know what and you know how much. Decided to take a short break for at least today since I'm afraid I'll get bored of the game at this rate. You should already know how often and fast my interests can change, and seeing those uber and super weapons tear down my laggy character is getting tiresome and I feel like I've done it all now. I've been a knifing commando, a target marking commando, anti-commando commando, troop trap commando, tank commando, plane commando, camping commando and a few times even sniping commando, I've been a barrel chucking gunner, a gunning gunner, a running gunner, a tank commanding gunner, support fire gunner, kamikaze gunner, a cowardly gunner, a medic soldier, a firestarting soldier, a stupid soldier, a grenade spamming soldier and a soldier with a 6th sense. I've gone in solo and played as a part of a squad.
I've played all maps and I've seen all sorts of teams, I've shot down several planes with a tank, I've witnessed cheaters, I've finished most possible missions, I even got 22/5 kd in one match and have played all maps (unless there's a night version of RR).
What is there left for me to do?

So I'm installing Hitman Contracts now. Maybe I'll do the same thing with Hitman as I did with Fallout 2, bug you with stories about how I finished the objectives and post screenshots.

And my dear mother told me that I may get Battlefield Bad Company to accompany the Battlefield Bad Company 2 that I may be most likely getting for my birthday. Of course, presents should be a secret until unwrapped, so I'm not allowed to know that I'll get them. A very battlefield-filled time we're living in.

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