Sunday, 21 March 2010

I'm better than you think

I was going to record a killing montage in Contracts and upload it to YouTube, and after "stealth" killing EVERYONE in the Asylum Aftermath, which was harder than just finishing it with SA rank, I thought that in order to make it complete I would have to take out the patient with the minigun. To get to him you need to get Prof Ortmeyer's keycard from a later level, but being me I didn't check which level. I only remembered some faq mentioning Lee Hong's office and so I started mission 11 and it wasn't until I had done a lot in order to get both the keycard and a Silent Assassin rank that I went to check which level it was. It's level 9.
So I got Silent Assassin and since the mission replay option I used made me start level 12 again, I got Silent Assassin rank in that one also. Then I went back and replayed other old levels and got Silent Assassin, until I got to level 9 and got the keycard AND Silent Assassin rank. So I now have the key card and so many Silent Assassin ranks that the Overall results call me Silent Assassin.
Yup, I'm that good.

Just thought I'd mention. I might do the kill montage again now that I have the keycard, and who knows if I record a walkthrough as well. I don't want to because YouTube is shit, but I want to because it's fun. Which weights more? I could also just wait a week and make a Le--- I mean Fukkaround and upload it to my new choice of video host.

Anyway, Sunday, which started 49 minutes ago is my birthday so happy birthday to me and may I have lots of presents. There's two from my mother and one from my sister. My grandmother apparently forgot my birthday and my uncle hasn't sent cards or called since he re-married some bitch who has been nothing but trouble to him and the rest of the family.
One of the presents from my mother will apparently be a real surprise, because she had to check my game collection to make sure it's not something I have already and she knows I don't have the original Battlefield Bad Company so it can't be that.

Have a nice Sunday.

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