Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Home Alone

Sega Megadrive / Genesis

Kevin's neighborhood is the next target of Harry and Marv, two bumbling thieves. And Kevin's all alone! Make weapons from ordinary household items and use them to hold the burglars at bay! Zip from house to house on Kevin's sled to keep the robbers on the run! All the exciting action of the hit movie!

Beginner Difficulty

Recorded with Fraps

One of my childhood favourites. A fun game where you can build your own weapons from pieces. The Expert mode is of course more difficult and it takes longer for the cops to arrive but it's also potentially more fun than the Beginner level in the sense that there's more weapons to build. Only problem is there's a lot more parts that don't fit together so you spend more time looking for them, and you also get no tips for what parts can be used with what. I may try doing Expert some day.

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