Monday, 22 February 2010

Borderlands Online


And for the rest of you, the news is I played Borderlands online yesterday for the first time. I was going to play Fallout 3 but then thought about copying my game saves to a flash drive as well as synchronizing the trophies with my PSN account so that if my PS3 gets buggered I don't lose much, a since I was online already, I picked up Borderlands again. Only 5 levels left with my first character and I've got Platinum.

As it's always the case with online matches the random people were a bit disappointing at times, with guys hoaxing me to pick up those damn money shield hacks in my first online game (watch out, you must get rid of them early on, they might have your gear deleted and may eventually corrupt your game saves), and guys just hosting a game and standing in one place to get free money and experience while others play. Surprisingly many people were alright, though, and I managed to find a few random games where all four of us unknown played as a team. I played a few missions with Gamerbomb, too.
I recommend playing with friends if possible, because Borderlands really is at it's best when all guys are working as a team, whether it's doing missions or just messing about. I played a bit more late at night (or rather early in them morning) and the last game had the other three soloing at different parts of each map. One guy went for missions and two lvl 50s just went around killing stuff alone. It wasn't as much fun, but I got very good loot and got a bit of experience as well.

I'll probably be playing all day today also. So close to Platinum. It would be my fifth platinum.


  1. Ya Borderlands' online mode is good, and is making the game a lot more fun to play. And let's see who is getting the Platinum trophy first in borderlands :) (I am sure you will win as you only need a few trophies and I need A LOT of trophies).
    But it is nice to play some coop with ya :) We should do that in some of the other ps3 coop/online games.

  2. I have Platinum already. Got it last night.
    I have RE5, so if you have it/get it then that's one we could play also.

  3. damn!! Thats nice :) well I have been thinking about getting it. Might buy it next time I am out in the local stores :) But right now I have a lot of platinums I have to get.