Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Me and my sister finished LEGO Indiana Jones 2's story modes already, but we're most likely going to get 100% completion in co-op as well so it's not done yet. The game's incredibly short, though. Sure it more fun to collect the side stuff than before and the hub area is like a big level, but unlike in other LEGO games each level is just ONE area with a few small puzzle sections (and there's 30 levels again).
In the PS2 LEGO games you go through several areas or screens or rooms in one level and each area basically gives you a puzzle for how you move to the next (often a long string of tasks), but LEGO Indiana Jones 2 gives you one room-screen-area with a puzzle or two, and in many levels the whole goal is to kill off like 18 enemies or destroy 15 cars and level complete, no puzzles and not much value for your money.
LEGO  Indiana Jones 2's driving levels are also far less fun than in any other LEGO game so far. They're goddamn chaotic and the only thing you really do is try to find a larger car like a truck and drive over 6 enemy cars per round.
The camera is also problematic in the usual LEGO fashion even though it finally splits up and allows the players to go their own paths (which in the long run is rather useless apart from exploring the hub) and the game's as glitchy as the past LEGO games were. If you're wondering whether to buy LEGO Indiana Jones 2, Star Wars, Star Wars 2 or Batman, buy anything but Indiana Jones 2. It's a fun game, but not even close to being the best of the series and it's also not at all worth the full price.
Don't know about the first game, but from what I've read I'm guessing it was closer to the older LEGO games in terms of gameplay, so it should be better. I'm just sad that they don't sell the original LEGO Indiana Jones anywhere anymore. I've only managed to track down one copy of it for the PC, but I want it for the PS3.

Derek asked me why I go after the trophies in LEGO Indiana Jones 2 when it's such a horrible game. I got it for free, I'm not losing anything if I play it, and since I have it now I might as well get the trophies out of it so I can brag about my high PSN level. It's not a bad game, it's just not at all worth it's price. It's still worth playing if it doesn't cost you anything.

The game I'm walkingthrough next, I've played it halfway through already so it might be coming in a few days if I don't buy any new games from the stores while they still have the post-holiday cuts. I could get Borderlands for 35€ at one place, but I'm not too sure if I should spend my last money on anything. I bought LittleBigPlanet less than a year ago for 80€ and now I've seen it being sold for 25€, so I'm getting more and more careful with new games. If the prices can drop 50-60€ in less than a year, who the fuck's stupid enough to buy the games new?

Derek also asked me to say something about what sort of a game it is I'm doing next. Well, it's an older gen platformer. That's all.

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