Monday, 28 December 2009

I've started playing through LEGO Indiana Jones 2 with my sister. We finished all three Crystal Skull parts yesterday night.
In the regular LEGO fashion, the game is glitched, and the most annoying thing is that what's seriously glitched are the trophies, so I may have trouble acquiring them.
LEGO games are the most glitched series I've seen. Sure, some games have more and even worse glitches, but they're rarely a series problem. All the LEGO game I've played (Star Wars, Star Wars 2, Batman, Indiana Jones 2) have had some serious bugs and glitches, and the annoying thing is that with LEGO games you don't always know if it's a bug in the game or if you're just missing the solution to a puzzle.
With Indiana Jones 2 I hate it that in order to get the trophies, I must read all sorts of helpful guides and take precautions so that if I should miss a trophy I don't have to restart the entire game from beginning (which is necessary for one glitched trophy already). After we've finished the story modes, I have to back up the saves a few times so I can safely load an old one and retry if the game doesn't give me my trophies.

By the way, I have my next walkthrough planned and I'll record it as soon as I've played through the game once. It's goddamn amazing game it is, I promise you. Nobody will be disappointed with the walkthrough.

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