Saturday, 19 December 2009

Improved Toy Story walkthrough

Today I woke up at 3 pm. Getting back to my usual cycle I see.

To pretend that things happen and I can update the blog: Here's a deathless runthrough of Toy Story for Sega Mega Drive. The walkthrough I made in 2008 was absolute crap, and I have been ashamed that it's my second most watched walkthrough.

I'm still ashamed that Spider-Man 2, the movie game, is my most watched walkthrough as it's even worse than the old Toy Story one.

I'm going to try and put the walkthrough posts up faster because more and more people are stating their misery caused by YouTube's lousy way of presenting playlists. If it takes me 4 minutes to find a playlist through my own channel (I could just find them from my account fast but that's not the point) then how many people actually find what they're looking for at all? Especially people new to my channel who don't even know for sure if I have a playlist for the game they're looking for.
I've had my own problems finding the right games from Renegade466's channel, and generally it's faster to give up and use the YouTube search function instead.

Now, I was planning to go record Earthworm Jim for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

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