Sunday, 20 December 2009

Armed and Dangerous
There's no kill like overkill!
Meet the Lionhearts. A smack-talking rag-tag band of rebels bound on an impossible quest. With an arsenal of outrageous weapons, they're destined for victory in 12,000 bullets or less. If they can make it through an army of psychotic robots and wall-smashing Goliaths, they just might save the world... if they don't burn it down first.

Recorded with Fraps
Oh, man, I love this game! It may be simple, but it's fun and funny. It's chaotic. It's insane.
Ever heard of Earthworm Jim, from Shiny? Well, Planet Moon Studios, the makers of this game are the descendants of Shiny, so you can bet this game isn't serious.
One of my all time favourite walkthroughs, by the way. I seriously recommend watching this walkthrough if you can't find the game yourself!

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