Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quick Update

I'm about to hit 10 000 subscribers on YouTube soon and although I'm not too interested in celebrating over minor "milestones" I suppose I have to for once note it somehow and so I have recorded and edited a little video that I'll upload to YouTube once I see the 10 000 reached but the video isn't too special so don't get excited it is just a compilation of several different ways of killing one and the same target in Hitman: Blood Money and then a quick Silent Assassin run of the first level at the end and the most interesting thing about it is that I finally tried actual cropping of videos in Sony Vegas 7 for the first time and now I'll go play through Hitman: Blood Money all the way through in one sitting on Rookie difficulty to see what it's like because I have only played the game on Professional because I am awesome like that oh and I have stopped playing Fallout 3 because after writing the previous blog post I started sort of browbeating myself to feel bad for playing Fallout 3 and not thinking about the Second Sight LP so who knows if after the Blood Money run I will take a second sight at the Second Sight videos though I doubt it and by the way nice pun I made there bye.

Hmph. I actually sort of like rambling on about nothing for several paraghraps compared to this...


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  2. 10,000 should be any hour now.

    I'd give you a shoutout but I'm in the middle of finals :(

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to more crap from you on YouTube.

    I'd like to see you play Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but its probably still a bit pricey.

    I played StarCraft II Wings of Liberty, its a great sequel but its still a very very different game than the original.

    I also played BioShock and was really disappointed in it, the hype behind the game led me to believe that it was great but, the plot made little to no sense...I actually thought of starting up a blog just to rant about how bad the game was but then I realized that my blog couldn't be nearly as good as yours, even you talking about your day is more entertaining than me, I'm a sad little man, I know.

    Since I referenced a sequel earlier, I did play mass effect and mass effect 2 earlier this semester...I loved mass effect AND mass effect 2 but for very different reasons. Mass Effect was a genuinely good game with an amazing story, Mass Effect 2 however, was a very different game than Mass Effect 2 and did what Deus Ex could not, the sequel incorporated the ending of the last game and your choices in the previous game to effect your experience this time around and that makes it worth a playthrough if you have the time and money. Just a suggestion, might be a good time for you.

    On the other side of things, a cheap game that I think you might enjoy is "World in Conflict" which is based around a hypothetical invasion of the US by the Soviet Union. Entertaining game and beautiful graphics, a bit demanding on your system though.

    Lemme know if you decide to play any of these.

    And finally, seeing as how you updated your weather, I'll give you mine, on Monday the first bit of snow fell, and stayed until Tuesday morning, its been about 6 degrees for the rest of the week, making it just cold enough for a coat but not cold enough for snow...depressing I know.