Monday, 8 November 2010

Darker times, lower spirits

If you haven't noticed, for the past few weeks I haven't really posted much. That's because I haven't felt like doing anything lately. I often tend to write something in updates about how I haven't done anything at all, but of course that's rarely the case and in truth I just don't really think whatever it is that I have been doing is all that important or any of your business, but ever since it started slowly getting darker as winter approaches I have just felt tired and depressed. For the past week I have literally slept all day and only sat infront of my PC listening to music during the few hours of the day I have been up, and even when I wrote about Thief :DS and had my own Halloween movie marathon I wasn't really all that into anything. I haven't even touched a video game since Thief.
I can't be entirely sure yet, but I think I'm getting over the Autumn melancholy now. I feel like I should do something, though first I think I should get a haircut because I look like a hippie right now. Then I'll do something. Like play video games. Hey, you may think playing video games is just a simple hobby to pass the time, but trust me, suffering through crap like Paparazzi and Second Sight feels a lot like work to me. And the pay is bad.

Oh, and my computer is crapping out. If I don't post anything new until January, it's because my PC finally died and I can't afford buying a new one immediately.
And for a weather report, there's snow for real in Finland. Came down yesterday, almost melt this morning but not quite.


  1. Its still 16 Celsius here, rainy as hell though. All the good LP'ers have stopped posting and I am left without entertainment...

    When are you gonna come back and do videos?

    Regardless, I hope you get over the blues soon, I know how it feels. I'm in the middle of exams, my motivation is low as well.

    I pulled the hippy look off most of my high school career!

    Have fun gaming!


  2. Is about 32 Fahrenheit here. Not really used to the cold wind, but I'll get used to it. Anywho, Johnny, follow me on here!

  3. The weather is pretty poor here in London, around 7 Celsius, but it varies - it could go down as low as -2 Celsius to 16 Celsius. Regardless of the temperature, it's freezing.

    I suggest you go down to your local store, get a pre-owned copy of Fallout: New Vegas (which is amazing by the way) and do an LP cause you need to do a Christmas special and I think the best way is to do one of your epic LPs of a long game. If you haven't got the dough, LP Fallout 3 cause I'm eager to see the rest - but if you do, try and get the quality bro.

    Open a PayPal, most will donate as a Xmas gift :P

    I too haven't touched a game in a lot of time (I only had 3-4 sits though New Vegas and only about 3 hours through), I ditched it eventually and yesterday got Black Ops which is decent but not worth the money for its short campaign. Only multiplayer is the highlight of the game.

    See you soon bro

    - Derek