Saturday, 24 July 2010


I'm back at home but I'm still not uploading Second Sight before I'm done catching up to the newest works of my favourite Internet personalities. Still have majority of Spoony's stuff and Snob's KickAssia commentary to see, everything else I've watched already. If I upload at the time I watch the videos the video feed might be a little jerky, and YouTube has gone even lower and has started fucking up my uploads if I'm using the Internet actively at the time I'm uploading.
Weird how much new content has been posted while I was away, considering I only were absent for 3-4 days.
The new YouTube comments seemed almost neverending but I got through them already.

The trip wasn't anything special, I spent my days trying to solve crossword puzzles and sudokus and mostly gave up before finishing any. Couldn't even fill a children's crossword puzzle entirely, but my excuse is that it was just too damn difficult.
Had a pretty neat evening when I got back home, though. Pizza for supper, two good movies on TV, Drowning Mona and Magnum Force, and even caught the last 30 minutes of Death Wish 3. Got to see at least the last 150 baddies die, and I'm not exaggerating. That film's ending is like a parody of an action flick rather than an actual action flick. I've seen Death Wish 1 and 2 and liked both to some extent, so I would like to see what happened in the first 60 minutes of Death Wish 3, to know why's Kersey back at killing scum in the hundreds.

I "earned" 58,50 euros on my trip and my next week will be a bit like a summer vacation if I had a job, so I may be buying new games (or, to put it clearly, old and used), which means that although I won't update the blog for another week I might be doing something interesting that I could and maybe should blog about. So on the off-chance that you look at my blog in the future and there's nothing new (like there never is), just remember to imagine a few paragraphs of text telling you about uninteresting stuff I've been doing. You can even imagine a few pictures where I look especially good, because it's your blog-reading experience and you should enjoy it!

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