Thursday, 24 June 2010

Flea market, the place to look for long lost treasures and shit

Yesterday I was eating out with my sister and we checked out a flea market downtown that surprisingly had a table-full of video games hidden in the back. I elbowed my way there through masses of annoying little kids, a bunch of annoying fat guys and one old guy who bought Xena Warrior Princess for PS2, and after an hour of counting my money I bought a pile of shit myself. I used most of my last cash on some awful, obscure shitty games from which two are licensed titles that haven't even been released outside of Europe and have no reviews, images or gameplay footage posted on the net. I didn't have much choice in my purchaces, really, since the only decent games on the table that anyone has ever heard of were GUN and The Warriors, both of which I happen to own already. And perhaps Death By Degrees, which I might have bought if it hadn't been one of the more expensive ones out of the bunch.
I've gone so far in my insanity that I'm not at all angry at myself for buying the crap. In fact I almost hate myself for not buying Space Invaders: Invasion Day as well while I was there.
I won't reveal the names of my new games yet, and you wouldn't even recognize half of them if I did. They're too obscure and shitty to be found even in the shop I usually buy my obscure shitty games from. I can't begin to describe the level of my amazement when I realized what I had found at the flea market.

My sister also bought me the DVD version of an old Finnish western comedy I once had on VHS.

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