Friday, 21 May 2010

I got it!

I woke up early this morning (though I hardly even slept), took a bus to my favoured gaming store, and guess what I bought! Exactly, a used copy of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for the PC! I know I have it for the PS2, but the PC version is very different and surely worth the 2,90€ I paid.
But I have this weird feeling I've forgotten to do something important...

Just kidding. I have to be joking, or else I would be strangling some poor sap right now. Joking keeps me calm and gives something else for my hands to do. Red Dead Redemption hasn't hit the stores here because the importer has fucked something up, stores haven't received the game. Any stores. I know no store has it, because I spent the better part of the day walking back and forth between them, not just between the cheap places but also the butt-rape-rip-off stores.
Apparently the importer has messed up something so bad that Sony, the man/company/essence itself has publicly stated their dissatisfaction with the importer. The man in the shop I frequent told me there might be a slight chance Redemption will arrive later during the day and that is why I spent the day walking between stores that sell games, but I didn't go back to the shop to see if they have received it yet because I got a text message from my "source inside" telling me about an e-mail the importer has sent to the local stores. According to the e-mail the importer has NO IDEA what day they could even hope to get the game out.
The last really "fun" bit is, the 360 version of the game HAS reached the stores, and local 360 owners may be playing it right now.

I can tell you, you have no idea how pissed off I am. This was THE GAME I was waiting for, my most anticipated game release since The Warriors came out in 2005. I was so excited about this game that despite having the chance to get a 10% discount and a free home delivery I chose to go out myself and spend slightly more money just to get it in the morning because the delivery would be late in the evening. Just typical.
There's still slight chance that if the game has gotten out then I would get it later this evening, but that happening would not be typical. My guess is, the game will be out on Tuesday earliest.

On top of everything, I couldn't find a DVD of one of my favourite movies in this one larger store I visited, even tough they had almost everything else, even more obscure films and series from the same people. Not a big loss since I didn't really even look for the film until I noticed the other films they had. At least I have SC: Chaos Theory on PC now, I'll go knife and strangle some bitches in the dark and then play some Splinter Cell. If my PC doesn't explode next.
Mothers better hide their babies or I'll punch them. Both.
I know being angry doesn't help and that I'll someday get Red Dead Redemption anyway and then I won't even remember this day, but... I don't have much else to do besides rage, and calming down after a good rage feels better than calming down after having been calm.

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  1. ha ha
    im currently enjoy me self playin rdr2


    uber pwned!!