Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tactical Zombie Hitmen

I played some more Fallout Tactics yesterday and I think that was the last time for a while. I had a pretty good session, played well and used different tactics that mostly worked, but I still stand behind my earlier statement about Tactics being less than a game. Despite everything going smoothly, the gameplay boils down to clicking on ground and then clicking on enemies. Playing a themed character seems relatively difficult and somewhat pointless unless you just want to minigun people to bits, in which case you'd have to play a while before getting such chance.
A game can be all about clicking on things to move characters around, but Fallout Tactics isn't rewarding in anyway. Play it run and gun, meh. Be stealthy, just as meh and almost the same thing. There's nothing to drive me on to complete the tasks.
I love Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive and that game is also about clicking on ground and clicking on enemies, but Desperados is challenging, almost a puzzle game and it feels rewarding to beat the chapters. Tactics is missing a point. There's no REASON to play it.

After Fallout Tactics I checked and happened upon this fun zombie infestation game, Infectonator: World Dominator. I recommend checking that game out, I played it for several hours until at 6.30AM I realized my mouse-hand and fingers were hurting badly and I went to bed. I dreamed I was still playing the game.
I checked a couple of other games too, like the older Infectonator game, but if there was something like Johnny's Daily Picks then Infectonator: World Dominator would be the winner today.

I also installed Hitman: Blood Money this evening, and played through the first two missions. Absolutely loving it! It is running a bit slow in larger areas even though my PC meets the recommended specs and I turned the graphics to lowest possible. Could it be my video card?
Anyway, so far Blood Money seems to combine the best aspects of the entire Hitman series. I like the AI and I'm having way too much fun with the accident system. I keep pushing people to their deaths for no apparent reason.
The close combat disarms look awesome and I love reading the newspaper after the missions, although I am sad that because the explosive that dropped barrels on junior killed a random guard the newspaper clipping completely ignored my efforts to disguise the main kills as accidents. Have to be more careful I guess. I also really like that the monetary reward system is back from Codename 47 and you can use the money to buy equipment, upgrades, extra information and bribe people if you become notorious (for me it's still at 0, because I am just that good). In Silent Assassin and Contracts it was too video-gamey, starting every chapter with the same default loadout. 47's a contract killer again.
The tutorial mission is also the best this series has ever had. Codename 47's tutorial was alright for a mandatory tutorial, Silent Assassin's was a bit... a bit... well, you spent 10 seconds climbing on some pieces of ruins because a priest wanted to talk to you? Contracts' tutorial was just bleh if you recall. Blood Money's tutorial is a real mission, a guided mission but a mission regardless, and fun one at that. It goes through everything the game has to offer, sneaking, poisoning, coin tossing, accidents, sniping and such, and does it in a way that it's fun to play and the very helpful tips for the controls aren't even intrusive or distracting since you only get them if you go to briefing. A great example of how tutorial levels for video games should be made.
I'm playing on Professional difficulty and doing fine, though due to the occasional slowness and my need for lower graphics I may have to buy Blood Money for PS2 some day for a better experience. Can't admire the scenery at all with my current settings.

Yeah, so Tactics is boring, Infectonator:WD is fun and Blood Money is (so far) awesome.

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