Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentine's Day Blog

As it was requested.
Since the last post I've watched some spaghetti westerns, several episodes of Twilight Zone (the original series) and the first two seasons of the Fast Show.

My legs feel a bit odd. It's the sort of feeling you get when you haven't been very active for a while, and I've started to feel similar pain in my knees that I had last year when they sent me home from the army.
I think I should start going for long walks again, before my legs fall off.

My tooth on the left side of my mouth aches. It's probably full of holes. Problem is that I have a wound inside my mouth on the right side, I guess I've bitten it in my sleep, and now I have trouble chewing some food. It's a shame, because I had these real spicy treats for the weekend and I wasn't able to enjoy eating them very much.
I have also been a bit ill, with mostly a sore throat and the worst headache I recall ever having. The headache might have been partly caused by me laying off of coffee. Some time ago I thought I'd stop drinking coffee, just for a laugh, and today was the first time in a short while that I had half a cup. I guess there might have already been some sort of an effect, as today it tasted like shit. Someone must have shat in in the coffee beans or something.

And since it's Valentine's Day, or was, here's something mushy.
Last night I had a dream(sequence) of the girl that... um... is most definitely the largest cause of my mushy feelings, to put it manly and not at all girly. Like in all dreams I have, the details were weird and things got insane, but the main "plot" of the dream was that I met that special girl for the first time again, walked her home from somewhere and we talked a lot, and she invited me in. Unfortunately at that point the dream started going a bit crazy, like I got excited about seeing the novelizations of the Evil Dead movies on a bookshelf, refused a glass of wine some random fat (and grey) person offered me but then I started drinking beer in some hallway in order to "lighten the load" as for some reason the dream put me to haul a ton of random stuff around for no particular reason, and some of the stuff were full beer bottles. It was weird.
Anyway, when I woke up I thought about the times I was with that girl in real life, and now I'm real sad. Or I would be, if I had any feelings.

Yay for Valentine's Day, absolutely ordinary Sunday for us.

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