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Fallout 3, My Journey to Platinum

After several sleepless nights and some 24 hour gaming sessions, I've finally gotten a Platinum trophy in one of my games, Fallout 3. Since I've spent so awfully lot of time on trophy hunting, I thought I'd share my story of getting this trophy. Later on, hopefully, I'll do the same with LittleBigPlanet and GTA IV.
* A small annoying thing to note, though: I only have 53% of the trophies collected, because the DLC adds tons of Gold and Silver trophies. What the fuck? Are you trying to lure all trophy obsessed people to your DLC?

Vault 101 Citizenship Award
 Rather easy to get as anyone who has even started the game has it. Got this with my evil character that I actually roleplayed somewhat.

The G.O.A.T. Whisperer
Same as above. There's 2 ways to miss this trophy.

My evil character killed pretty much all guards on the way. Needless to say, the old Overseer bit the blunt end of a police baton also (aren't all ends blunt?). My character wasn't all evil yet, just very aggressive, so all other characters survived.

Blood Ties
After leaving Vault 101, my evil character headed to Megaton after killing the woman living near/in Springvale (she caught me stealing her stuff). Soon I went to deliver the message to Arefu and long story short, completed the quest. The first time I played, I was genuinely surprised that the quest WASN'T a total massacre, and this made me appreciate the game more. I expected all quests to be the "kill this, get this" type.

I hated, hated, HATED those ants. I didn't play on easier difficulties, so they swallowed several bullets before going down. Their range of fire was long and they came in packs. My aim was crap and I couldn't hit their antennae. Needless to say, after 2-3 killed I skipped all other ants outdoors and only killed the ones in the metro tunnels. I only killed the 5 guardians in the lair, and after receiving my prize I also killed the scientist for leaving Bryan an orphan. My evil character wasn't entirely heartless.

The Wasteland Survival Guide
Had to complete this before you-know-what, not only just in case of Moira getting killed in the Wasteland, but also because, well... my character's plans were that Moira, like the others, would never get to see the Wasteland in the first place.

The Power of the Atom
You should already know how this trophy got added. Don't be afraid, though, there wasn't a single living soul in the town at the moment of truth, I made sure to evacuate them all, along with their valuables. Would've hired Jericho, but the bastard started shooting while I was getting the people at Moriarty's to safety.

The Replicated Man
Don't know why I did this quest as early as the list says, but... I guess I wanted to finish the quest since I got in contact with Pinkerton while doing the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Do not fear, people, the android got the help it needed. Right after I had screwed him.
Don't look at me like that, I wanted both rewards! Now he stands in one place, outside Rivet City, for an eternity. He's still alive and functional, just... never moves.

Yup, had a slight karma loss at some point or another while leveling up. Don't know where exactly. What did I do to deserve this? I didn't actively go for trophies at this time of playing so I didn't save/load to get the other karma-level trophies. That weapon in the picture is fun to use when sneaking, by the way.

Tenpenny Tower
My evil character ended up completing this quest a bit against the plan. The good way to complete the quest is talking, bad way is shooting and neutral is opening a door. My plan was to open the door and then shoot every resident of the tower for kicks, but those fucking Ghouls are fucking kill-stealers! For revenge, Roy went Tenpenny's way and some of the new residents got their heads mezzed and popped.

Following in His Footsteps
I wanted a good radio station I could listen to, so while on my way to meet Three Dog I completed this main quest, instead of skipping the Three Dog bit.

Galaxy News Radio
I was expecting something to happen in the elevator. Nothing ever did.
I may have lowered the difficulty for the museum part. Those muties sure can take a beating from weaker weapons at higher difficulties.

Psychotic Prankster
Got this by accident. After GNR I stumbled into Underworld by accident, where I met Azhrukal by accident, and since the evil way is the cheaper way to obtain a loyal follower I went after Greta. While trying to figure out a silent way to get her to close the shop, I placed a mine in her pocket since I had heard of that neat little trick. Didn't know there was a trophy for it.
By the way, in the end, I silently knifed Greta when she was standing near the fire in the dark corner of the shop. Easier done than I imagined.

Keys are for Cowards
Not a very difficult trophy to obtain. Both in Oblivion and Fallout I like to play sneaky (in Oblivion I always use the rubberband technique to max sneak right after leaving the sewer), so I usually always have lockpick and sneak maxed before anything else. Naturally those abilities don't go to waste, so all locks I happened to stumble across got open.

You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
Since I was still in Underworld, I did the quest for Crowley. Killed everyone near the targets just for kicks. I think I killed Crowley, too, but I never got the armor. Never had the training either, so no big loss.

The Superhuman Gambit
Since I had Dave's Republic on the map, I decided to go exploring in the Wastes after all the questing, and went south from the top-right corner. Stumbled across this quest, and I can tell you, I was evil. Getting to Mechanist was so difficult that I had to leave Charon outside as he kept getting killed by every robot. Got through it all alone, met Mechanist, talked him to give up and after receiving his suit I killed him.
Then I met AntAgonizer... talked her into giving up and after receiving her suit I shot her in the back. That's how my character rolled.

Head of State
A rather short quest I stumbled upon while exploring. The slaves didn't ever get to the memorial. I made sure of that myself.

Stealing Independence
Oh, the nightmares! You don't know how many times I had to reload because either Charon or Sydney died. Had to do it all by myself, and I did it by setting up several 7-8 mine traps for the pricks. Got the paper by talking, and got Sydney's neat little weapon by double-crossing her. She became a pile of goo, or a pile of ash. Either or. Got the weapon from the pile.
This quest is one of the shortest but it took me the longest to complete the first time. The second time with my level-up-trophy character, I breezed through it. Sargeant RLwhatever had to be left behind for the time being, though.
I realized it only yesterday, but Sydney is clearly based on Sydney Fox, the Relic Hunter.

Harbinger of War
This level trophy didn't come as a surprise, now did it. Still wasn't really thinking of getting trophies, so I still didn't save/load to get the 2 others.

Reilly's Rangers
I didn't much like this quest, it was all about shooting Super Mutants and to be honest I started getting a bit bored of the seemingly endless waves of enemies, even  after I had already saved the guys at the roof. What made it so annoying was the difficulty I had chosen. I didn't lower it for this quest.

Big Trouble in Big Town
I just killed dozens of Super Mutants and complained about it, and I immediately get back to it? Well, surprisingly there's only about a total of 8 Super Mutants to kill during this quest, although the number CAN be a bit higher as I found out later. See, here's a good chance some of them get themselves killed before you get to meet them.
My evil character collected a lot of mutilated body parts from the gore sacks and decorated the Tenpenny Suite back home with them.

Strictly Business
Ended up accidentally finding Paradise Falls during my treks to the Wastes. Naturally my evil character had nothing against a few caps. All 3 targets that were left, survived. Not a single other character I mezzed survived long enough to get a collar of their own, sadly, but seeing Rivet City Security kill each other was fun.
I also got Clover in my party, along with Charon at the same time. I think the patch removed the possibility of getting 2 followers, and unfortunately once applied the patch continues working in old save files even if game data is removed. Those Bethesda cunts apparently don't realize that some of the bugs in their games are what make it so fun, like having 2 followers in Fallout 3 or being 100% invisible in Oblivion. Also, being able to Sandman Kill kids was removed with the patch... why? It says in the game, and I quote, "able to kill ANY sleeping character". I thought that would mean EVERY character. Making kids go unconscious instead of dying wasn't enough, had to ruin the fun of getting infinite XP? It's a game, I don't really go shooting people's heads off, kid or adult.

Yes, I Play with Dolls
Yes, I do. Wait, no. Getting this trophy wasn't difficult, because I was collecting everything possible in the game anyway. I would've collected those bobbleheads even if it wasn't a trophy.

This trophy marks the long break I took. When I originally did this quest, I had recently removed the game data because I thought, like many, that the various bugs and glitches were caused by all that data that was saved on the hdd. I forgot to redownload the patch, and I also didn't pay attention to getting trophies so I didn't notice that I had missed this. When I finally looked through the trophies and saw that I had missed this one, it was too late, all my 3 saves were from after the quest, which is funny because I have trouble remembering to save often.
I only got this trophy 2 weeks ago with my LP character (which, by the way, is now a LVL 20 do-gooder and thus will never be seen again on video). I quickly ran through the wastes to Oasis with the poor lvl 4 guy, completely forgot where Oasis was and spent an hour searching for it before loading my old file to see where it was on the map, and then just ran through the mirelurk infested caves. It was somewhat hectic, but the entire quest was done in a matter of minutes. Originally I killed all mirelurks, which took ages. I also decided to let Herbert grow out of Oasis.

Agatha's Song
After 11 months I returned to play with my evil character. Things were unnaturally easy, as I had a load of caps, a load of ammo (about a few thousand, of each type), a load of different guns, a well leveled character and 2 followers, both with maxed Rivet City Security armor and helmet and biker goggles for that 1 extra DR. I had Ranger Battle Armor and Red's Bandana and sunglasses.
Agatha got her violin, and some paper to scribble notes in, and then rather immediately she died. Of a violent outburst of headache. The violin disappeared on it's own, by the way, and Three Dog blames me on the radio. That cunt would've gotten his proof if I hadn't been in a hurry to get trophies. Yes, at this point I started going for the trophies.

The Nuka-Cola Challenge
The girl got her Quantums, the guy got a splattered head. Then the girl got a splattered head. A real epidemic, funny how I seem to be immune.

Rescue from Paradise
This I did mostly for the trophy, but a bit for laughs also. By the way, Clover often complains if you steal something in Paradise Falls when she's with you. Had to leave her outside a few times. Dumb bitch, she should've known me and my ways of handling mutiny already.
My ways of handling mutiny aren't much different from handling everything else.

Other characters were also saved. Shrapnel, or Flak whichever he was, roams Rivet City in his underwear. Arkansas and the old deaf guy both suffered from the ol' lethal headache before they got out. I may play nice sometimes, but usually never.

Silver-Tongued Devil
Wasn't very difficult. From early on I used the save/load trick to get the most from most situations.

Scourge of Humanity
I would say opportunist.

STILL didn't save/load to get the other 2 trophies, foolish me. Thought I'd easily get them with my level-trophy character.

One-Man Scouting Party
I like exploring, so this wasn't difficult. It should say "3-Person Scouting Party", though. Or "3-Person Massacre Party" to be completely accurate.

This seemed difficult. The first few weapons I got done easily, but when you really need to find junk like motorcycle handbreaks, you suddenly stop finding them. Finding Schematics by accident was way easier. When I was missing the very last item for the very last weapon and I was checking Seagrave Holmes' inventory for more ammo, I made a mental promise to kill Bannon (I had helped Bannon in the unmarked quest) if he had the item. He did. Bannon survived.
What, I said earlier I was in a hurry.
I gave Clover a maxed Shishkebab for Christmas. She said "toasty!"

The Bigger They Are…
This was difficult at first. The one in Evergreen Mills I got while exploring, but the clues for finding the last 3 Behemoths were unnaturally vague. After the last was done and I returned to Tenpenny Tower, I noticed something funny on Charon's back. He got himself a fat man somewhere along the road. Needless to say that I was quick to take it from him, as I don't trust his skills with the gun indoors. I didn't need the fat man myself, though, so I placed it with the rest of the fat men and mini nukes, in my trunk.

Scientific Pursuits
As most of the trophies I could get that weren't related to the main questline were in my pocket, I decided to continue the main quests long enough to get a chance to do Trouble on the Homefront. I also hoped I could get a few more people killed and some more data mined during the quests, which did happen.

Tranquility Lane
FUN! Needless to say, I did not try to go around this quest. Before it was done, even the Daddy dog bit the dust. He still survived, though. I had to blow up the oven at one point, because the bitch respawned after the security robot had neutalized the threat. Well, maybe I shouldn't complain. I got to experience TWO ways to complete the quest at the price of one. The bug may have been caused by me rigging the pilot light before using the robot.

The Waters of Life
Not a very fun quest. Not hard or annoying or anything, just not fun either. Also, Clover kept getting stuck in place... very annoying bug.

Trouble on the Homefront
The new Overseer met the old Overseer's fate. Amata bit the dust as well, but I reloaded the save as unfortunately that means you fail the quest for some bizarre reason. Because of Amata's death being so bad for the trophy, I became very nervous and left everyone else alive and well also. For a moment, though, the old rude guard got his. Twice.

Picking up the Trail
I fixed the reactor room door.

Finding the Garden of Eden
Lost my followers. Didn't care much. My Science was maxed by now, so the test subjects got fired. Got me a lot closer to Data Miner.

Vault-Tec C.E.O.
Nope, didn't miss the Raven Rock bobblehead. It was the last one I needed.

Doesn't Play Well with Others
Getting this wasn't much of a surprise. Think I got it in Raven Rock.

Data Miner
After Raven Rock I only needed 2 more hacks. I think RobCo facility was the place where I got this, but I may be wrong, it may have been the terminal in Eylogy's pad also.

The American Dream
I tried out all the possible replies to Elder Lyons, but I didn't know it affected the ending so I didn't pay attention to which one I eventually chose. Eden gave in my way and destroyed Raven Rock, by the way.

Take it Back!
Those commies sure did get theirs! Apart from Prime's lines, somewhat boring mission, though. Got to shoot a few guys with a missile launcher. Didn't poison the water. Great game. Great game.

With my old LP character, I went after the trophies I missed. Chose all 3 Swift Learner perks early on and did some quests. Paid a few caps to the Priest in Rivet and stole some pencils to keep karma at the optimal level.

Naturally got it right after Mercenary. I don't make several mistakes several times.

Ambassador of Peace
Chose Mister Sandman perk at lvl 10. I was disappointed at the patch removing infinite XP from kids, but I did gather a massive amount of XP from repeatedly Mister Sandmanizing sleeping Rivet City Security guards. The rest of Rivet City population also never woke up from their slumber, and Tenpenny Tower could've been renamed Sleepy Tower. Fucking 'residents' never sleep...
I also did quests to get it done sooner, and get some creature kills. I ALWAYS got Well Rested before completing a quest or playing Mister Sandman. (Mister Sandman, by the way, doesn't affect karma.)

Pinnacle of Survival
Right after the previous trophy, I received this one.

Slayer of Beasts
Finally got 300 creatures killed while questing. I originally missed this trophy the same way I missed Oasis. By the time I noticed it, I had over 400 kills in my earliest save.

Last, Best Hope of Humanity
This was annoying to get, but luckily with the perks and Well Rested I once got over a thousand XP from one quest. The last needed XP for lvl 19 I got from Cherry, Diego and the Priest (after buying good karma) in Rivet City, and then I chose the Here and Now perk to level up to 20 right away. I had done every single available non-main story related quest already, apart from Nuka Cola Challenge and Trouble on the Homefront.

Paradigm of Humanity
Last to go were Cherry, Diego and the Priest, without the good karma sale. I messed up the first time and didn't choose the Here and Now perk at level 19, but you can't blame me after one 24-hour sit-through, 3 hours of sleep and another 6-hour sit-through (trying to figure out all that time is a bitch since the last weeks have been extremely messy, day-night cyclewise).

Platinum Trophy
And this here is my reward for killing myself slowly. Well, say what you will but death by video gaming is on the better end of the spectrum. You can die in war, you can burn to death accidentally, you can be raped and get mutilated slowly, you can choke on a sandwich before getting to eat it all, you can die from cancer or any disease that brings along the unavoidable lingering in suffering and most likely depression, you can die from breaking your neck when slipping on ice or when stepping on a banana peel and be the laughing stock of the rest of the population, you can die from a disease that affects your looks and disfigures you so badly the last thing in the mirror is from The Fly, you can die from thousands of bee-stings when you're afraid of bees, you can die from something heavy falling on you or you can die for love.
I think dying from too much Fallout 3 really is, along with a heartattack at the climax of some hot steamy sex with a great specimen of the female category or passing away in the middle of watching a great comedy tv show like the Young Ones, one of the better possibilities.

I have a weird interest in playing Fallout 1 and 2 right now, and even weirder interest in creating a NEW character in Fallout 3 and roleplaying it to a T without caring about the storyline or trophies. I am free now.

By the way, the trophy images in Fallout 3 are far nicer to look at than in GTA IV or LBP.

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